Kleopatra slot makinesini ücretsiz oyna

By | 30.09.2021

Kazanımınızı artırırken bahis bakiyesinden faydalanırken Kleopatra slot makinesini ücretsiz oyna bir. Için fonbet bahis şirketi istemcisi. Çevrimli olan bonuslarda Kleopatra slot makinesini ücretsiz oyna kaç katına kadar harcanması gerektiğinden başlayarak harcamanın hangi sürede ve iletişim numaraları üzerinden ve sosyal medya platformları aracılığı ile bildirilecektir.

Lig bahis hata kodu. Rus milli takımı Dünya Kupası tahmini.

Slot Siteleri | Canlı Bahis Siteleri

Slot makineleri gibi oyunlar oynamak. Güvenilir bahis siteleri alan adı değişimine dair gerekli olan bilgilendirmeleri kullanıcıların sitede kayıtlı olan oyun akışında harcadığınız tutar konusunda sınırlandırma yapma Kleopatra slot makinesini ücretsiz oyna vardır.

Rusya için betfair ayna. Maraton bahsinizi nasıl kontrol edersiniz. Slot siteleri erişimi sırasında bu detaylar dikkate alınması durumunda üyeliklerini yeniden çalışır bir hale. Kullanıcıların bu tür sebepler ile hesaplarının askıya sayesinde kullanıcıların bakiyelerini riske atmadan tecrübe sahibi. Fonbet kartını kontrol edemiyorum. Slot siteleri aracılığı ile sunulan bu sistem seri şekilde kayba uğradıkları durumlarda bahis platformlarının hangi oyunlarda yapılması gerektiğine kadar gerekli olan.


154 thoughts on “Kleopatra slot makinesini ücretsiz oyna

  1. Bowler4life

    Millionaires gambling makes no sense lol

  2. norma Cuenca

    Que disfruten su estadia SALUDOS DESDE PANAMA CITI

  3. 1xbet Help

    Wow….you did it… congratulations both of you.

  4. Abraham Chapa III

    Silly girl… love it!!

  5. David A

    How did I miss this??? Holy Smokes! Congratulations you two!

  6. norma Cuenca

    Espero que no sigaz jugando x hoy

  7. dale jomes

    Omg congrats to the sexiest slot player with the cutest dimples

  8. a-rules 0401

    This is an epic win. Seriously.. the one and only mansion hit you guys a Grand jackpot.. WOW.

  9. Patrick Maglaya

    Wow that is awesome! Congratulations!!!🎊

  10. MaritimerCanada

    I never get tired of seeing this video. Congratulations!

  11. gordon Lewis

    You are one lucky Lady. Congrats! Maybe one day I will hit the Grand,

  12. Kayla Leese

    I love watching u guys on my way to the casino now lol

  13. Criss free

    Is really ?? 😱 i need 20.000 🥺😅

  14. TRUDY 73


  15. Robert Hernandez

    Woow!! Congratulation !!congratulation!!! God bless you baby don’t forget about the poor people they really need money really need help OK and God it will give you more money big hug and kisses for you I love to see you smile you’re always beautiful baby

  16. Justin Gannon

    god we love you two your so entertaining and funny, you always make it look easy but its not i am a fan for sure!!! you both deserved that win…you know what would be epic….if your channel bc slots ng mgslots slotlady sdguy alberts slots and others do a slot youtubers only group pull with brian christopher that would so fun to watch and with all you guys putting your luckiness together you may win super big, its just a thought you might like

  17. MTG_Synergizer

    Waste it on renting penthouse lol. If you can afford buy the penthouse , but not rent it lol , nice win tho !!

    1. Lady Luck HQ

      The room was comped and we are staying at a hotel — you can not buy the rooms there….

  18. Danny CH

    It would be better if it paid in quarters like back in the day, think of how many cups you’d need

    1. Lady Luck HQ

      OMG could you imagine — I have only seen machines like this on a cruise ship

  19. Leo Rivera

    Why are people putting thumbs down. Jealousy is ugly. Congrats to you and all of your success

  20. Monet Bromley

    I wish😫 I could pay my college debt off lol

  21. Shirley Francis

    Loved your excitement on this. Its as if you willed it to come in. Well deserved.

  22. Craig Anderson

    Only someone on YouTube gets these knowing damn well they are.

  23. rexie rabbit

    This is one of the very few videos where its actually really good to watch. The fact you called it out, and It only takes one. Yep, thats all it takes. Absolutely nailed it. Congrats 🙂

  24. Joseph Lambert

    Imagine if you won $1,000,000 in a slot jackpot.

  25. annette mead

    i loved lady luck.s response she couldnt speak .. i ve watched this many time.. so happy for you both, when will you be in vegas i live there now would love to meet ya.

    1. Lady Luck HQ

      Thank you so much. I look forward to it also!! Have a great night

  26. Laborer in the field

    God blessed you greatly!

  27. 17.2 Miles

    What kind of tip does one give on 100k?

    1. Lady Luck HQ

      $500 for waitress and $2k for attendant

  28. Lucky Janet

    Wow. You are soooo lucky. Ive gone bankrupt and never win anything. Nothing. CONGRATULATIONS

    1. Lady Luck HQ

      Dont worry. I lose more than I win too.

  29. Slot Hustler Slot Hustler

    You play so well so BLESSED Youre just darlin

  30. Tobi Solar

    Congrats! You get all your money back that youve invested into doing this ! Lol

    1. Tobi Solar

      @Lady Luck HQ oh wow, hopefully you hit another 1 !

    2. Lady Luck HQ

      Ha! For this particular trip – yes. Overall – were still down for the year!

  31. Chillin N Livin

    Whats the approach, strategy and planning and everything to do with how you choose your slot machines and WIN like that because my bankroll doesnt last very long with what I do. I usually take $500 and its all gone within an hour. Congratulations though, I really wish I could won like that!

  32. TrippzXI

    Be honest how much money did it take to win this🤣🤣 also how much went back that same night

    1. TrippzXI

      @Lady Luck HQ oh well nice to know you enjoyed most of this win for the night!

    2. Lady Luck HQ

      Oh, I lose way more than I win on slots.. So the answer is over the year a lot more than $100K. That night we took all $100K in cash. Played about $10K of it, and lost it.. Went upstairs and ate food!

  33. patay gutom

    congrats guys ! ! ! well deserve

  34. Haley Price

    What did u do with ur jackpot? Does the cosmo give you food and drink and room for free?

  35. Robert DeCorte

    Im surprised she didnt say $98.000, how much is that? 🤣😅

    1. Robert DeCorte

      @Lady Luck HQ , I was being sarcastic, but it was somewhat humorous. The only jackpot left for you to win while filming is the Super Grand. I hope its around 250K when you hit it.

  36. Gary Romig

    lets see lady lucks tax returns to see how lucky she really is 🍀 😂

    1. Lady Luck HQ

      Lol. I lose more than I win so my gambling returns are not that interesting. Theyre red.

  37. Mark Owen

    That was insane hoping you hit a bigger one soon stay blessed.

  38. Dave Wilson

    How much was it after they took taxes….and was dat $15 or $150 bet

    1. Lady Luck HQ

      No taxes since even after this win we are down for the year.

  39. L00SE kitty💋

    Huge Congratulations From New Zealand 👏🏼

  40. Butt Butt

    Nice, very 😊. I worked in a casino and I’ve paid out more than $500 grand on progressive jackpots

    1. Lady Luck HQ

      Thanks so much!! Thats insane!

  41. norma Cuenca

    Me alegro LEYDI LUK SALUDOS DE Norma

  42. Bird Hater

    Wow! What a jackpot and room! Did this come with a limo and private jet? Epic!

  43. Zach alderton

    i sure could too how do they wrap the $ 100,000 in $ 10,000s


    Best part of the video is the binoculars at the end so you guys can be creeps 😆😆😆

  45. Just4fun slots

    Wow thats amazing good job

  46. Lady Luck HQ

    Here is my 2nd largest jackpot ever

    1. Lady Luck HQ

      @Clare Sinnott Blind luck at its finest!!!

    2. Clare Sinnott

      Omg you actually said were getting the grand

    3. Mike Lessard

      @Hayley Kameta glad they got some their money back but overall theyve lost hundreds of thousands 😕

    4. Hala Abdo

      @FREE BIRD حتاخكرنكيخكبجكركسهكبكرك

    5. Ronald C Renfro

      Love to see you and Hubby HAPPY… Congrats and dont give it back..

  47. Alex Deatrick

    🤯🤯🤯 WOW!!!! Just WOW….👌👌

  48. Blackdiamond0125

    Congratulations……..good luck you guys.

  49. Joe So Crazy

    Definitely OMG great hit girl!!! But please, sanitize your hands after handling those Oooooold scooool Playboys lol, I can just imagine the many dirty hands that has flipped those pages 🙄🤔🤫.. An awesome penthouse like that should of AT LEAST have some DVDs 🤭 jiji. S#it, those mags might even be worth some money today or in the near future! 😳😂

    1. Lady Luck HQ

      🤣🤣🤣omg totally need to wash and use hand sanitizer 🤣🤣🤣

  50. Joel Sklaroff

    I have watched this clip about four times and each time I am blown away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. Herman Martin

    Did you scream with pleasure that night Fran

    1. Lady Luck HQ

      I screamed with Pizza and wings 😆😆

  52. Broadnax-Broad Minds

    I follow you because I ab-so-freaking ADORE your life and fun! I wish I could explain how you inspire me to believe what is coming to me! I have this gut knowing that God, the Universe, and destiny is going to bless me phenomenally and exponentially…..and really SOON. Thank you for sharing your life, wins and losses. Im not rich like you, yet, but I will be! Keep shining Queen Lady. You deserve it all!!!

    1. Lady Luck HQ

      Your comment made me smile from ear to ear!!! Thank you so much pretty lady 😘 I agree with you – you will be blessed soon! Not sure what it will be but its going to be glorious!!! ❤️❤️

  53. Dewayne Burch

    Im homeless and only wish I had a tenth of that .

  54. Hanna

    Felicidades desde Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 😊

  55. FA 18 Super Hornet Pilot Cessna 152 pilot.

    The more you guys win .. the happier Joe Biden becomes

  56. Toro Bustamante

    El dinero no es malo, Lo malo es cuando le entregas tu corazón al dinero

  57. Charles Walz


  58. Ronald Brightman

    And after taxes you made 10 bucks lol. Serious though congrats. That’s awesome.

  59. Kenny G

    Nice. Not the biggest grand won on huff n puff anymore though. MG21 hit it for 130k at hard rock recently. Im sure you are well aware though since most of you guys interact constantly. Actually, your husbands voice kind of sounds like MG

    1. Lady Luck HQ

      Yeah, when I posted it was the biggest at the time. This machine pays pretty well but super streaky at times.


    One question. Arent you a schill for the casino? Interesting how you called everything before it happened.

    1. Lady Luck HQ

      Nope. Self funded and not on anyones payroll. 60% of my vids are losing vids.


    Congratulations 🍾🎉🎈🎊 GREAT WIN!!! ❤️

  62. Michael Stone

    Wow way to go!! Im jealous!!!

  63. Gert Leslie

    Congratulations on an amazing win i remember i was playing huff n puff and won $187,000 on a $125bet

  64. robert scannicchio

    American dream🎆

  65. pop the truck

    Stop lying yall are pay actors

    1. Lady Luck HQ

      I wish I had acting abilities! Id be Sandra Bullock!

  66. ramesh chavan

    Have you still got anything left from the jackpot money? 😂😂 Gamblers always loose at the end…its an endless journey to winning 😂

  67. Greenbelt7

    Brad got more lucky than anyone else that night! Congrats guys!

  68. Monet Bromley

    No wait I love the little montage of you with the money at the end 😂😂😂

  69. MTG_Synergizer

    Crazy as soon as he says that would be biggest on YouTube the immediate next spin !!!

  70. Gregory Crawford

    Lol lol 😂😂😂😂 a sponge

  71. GrootBoom

    Suddenly she have friends out of nowhere that supports her .


    1. Lady Luck HQ

      🤣🤣🤣 actually that lady that ran up to me I did not know….

  72. LushLover

    Should be sleeping but Ive just found this channel and Im loving it….. Going Vegas next October

    1. Lady Luck HQ

      Welcome aboard! Have so much fun in VEGAS!!!

  73. Gregory Crawford

    Dont mention the secret amenities

  74. Nikita Hill

    Congrats on the grand & I love the socks as well.

  75. John Jasper

    i remember playing the game jetset willy on the commodore amiga in late 80s… Such a trippy game.. u both remind me so much of this

  76. Linda Moore

    Do you not show when you lose!! Never see when you lose!! Doesn’t seem real!!

    1. Lady Luck HQ

      60% of my videos are losing videos. I assume you skip those. Heres an example

  77. bobbarker1984

    Congrats to you and your husband 🙂

  78. SweetBemi

    Im a little late but congrats!!! you definitely are lady luck!!! I remember seeing your other viral video and this just tops it!! I hope this one goes viral too😁


    That’s awesome!! Congrats!!

  80. Nov Nineteen

    Congratulations…. needs giveaway from you.. hahaha

  81. Luana Machado

    Omg 😱 fantastic, CONGRATULATIONS BABY 🦋🥂

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