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By | 12.03.2021

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120 thoughts on “Kayıt olmadan babooshka slotunu ücretsiz oyna

  1. Jimmy Grieves

    Kate – where are you hiding ? We badly need some new songs ! Still missing you .

  2. MrDavidReads

    She was in disguise. She wanted to test if he would cheat on her.

  3. jaquettajones

    The Man with a Child in his Eyes should be your next KB reaction KSO – I read she was only 16 when she wrote it.

    1. faustus t

      She was only 12 or 13 when she wrote that one. Amazing talent.

  4. Porfle Popnecker

    The key phrase is before she freezed on him. She is no longer the woman that her husband fell in love with, until she pretends to be. He falls in love anew with the woman she used to be.

    1. faustus t

      thats how I always read it.

  5. Steven Palmer

    From what Ive read, David gilmour of pink Floyd paid for Kate bushs demo sessions, he certainly recognises talent.

  6. Bernd Rebhahn

    Babushka is Russian for Grandmother.

  7. John Douglas

    I believe that the word, Babooshka is the name of to the symbolic Russian hat. I would also like to put forward another classic by Kate titled Army Dreamers. Best wishes from the UK

  8. Very Varley

    Incredible artist. Too many great songs to mention.

  9. Ari M

    I’ve always liked this song that chorus always gets stuck in my head, Kate Bush has that uniqueness that draws you in when she sings 👍

  10. francis2811

    When my mum first saw that video – she suggested that perhaps she should start dressing like that!🤭

  11. One Race Through Adam

    Thanks for song other than Wuthering Heights, Running up that Hill, or This Womans Work. YT reactions list one song off my 3 favorite albums, Never Forever, The Kick Inside, and The Dreaming. Natural for reactors to do hit songs, but many are not fan favorites. Id likely be stoned if I played Freebird or Stairway to Heaven at a party. Played to death on the radio.

  12. Jamie Grieve

    The other woman is called babooshka

  13. Jamie Grieve

    But its not really another woman its his wife dressed up as another woman

  14. dennis james

    His wife pretended to be someone else .

  15. Maureen Hanlan

    He cheated on her 😱 she sent him letters to see if hed be unfaithful, and he was, so she killed him 😂

    1. francis2811

      Sounds like a Greek Tragedy to me!

    2. TheBamfinator

      I dont think she killed him, the marriage/relationship was shattered. She put more effort into proving his loyalty than maintaining the existing relationship which ends up killing it.

    3. Ann Other

      He might have just turned up to say youve got to stop sending these fucking letters. Youre obsessed!!

  16. Jamie Grieve

    You need to know the story behind the song. Kate Bush is a genius simply a genius and she doesnt make music for the masses she makes music because she is a talented artist and if you dont get Kate Bush then you are not supposed to get it because it has gone over your head.

  17. PFJ Peoples Front Of Judea

    Babooshka is Russian for grandmother

  18. Manfred Buchdrucker

    One of the greatest 80íes Hits

  19. john adams

    ….bloody love Dame Kate Bush…

  20. Eduardo Gonçalves

    Kate bush❤ Hammer horror song

  21. Wolfsbane

    Kate didnt know Babushka meant grandmother in Russian. It just sounded good.

  22. KingFahtah

    This was always a weird song because a babooshka is a Russian grandma.

    1. mark johnson

      It is also the name of the head kerchief often worn by housewives and elderly ladies. I think Kate chose it because it is an appropriate symbol of the unhappy wife and the drudgery of housework, cooking and cleaning. My own mother wore one when she was cooking or doing laundry, it keeps the hair back, like a hair net.

    2. Sian Colburn

      As I understand it, shes fooling him with an exotic name whereas she knows it actually refers to an old lady, ie how he truly views his wife.

  23. Ann Other

    I always loved her live version of Wedding List played with an all star band

  24. Stephen Barker

    Kate Bush is the real deal, her songs are mini

  25. Nell Sun

    She went to see him incognito = in disguise. And yes perhaps there was an element of sorcery with those scented letters! Kate did incorporate some strange (and prophetic) subjects into her songs: like Cloudbusting (1985) — which has a theme of weather manipulation in the song and video. Something which until recently we didnt even know was being used (geo-engineering etc.)

  26. Yog-Sothoth

    Incognito means she was in disguise, thats why he didnt recognize her. She was testing his faithfulness. I get the impression that the couple no longer communicates, theres no effort, no rapport. He falls for Babooshka because she reminds him of how his wife used to be, before the spark in their marriage went out.

  27. jan stan

    You poor dear!! The sound at the end, is glass breaking at the couples home after he makes a pass at her in the bar. Its an auditory representation of the fight the couple had at home after the meeting. It can be argued either way that she shouldnt have done it (tempted him) or he didnt have to meet her (the writer of the note). But as the song goes, that was the point of the glass breaking sounds at the end of the song. Kate said in an interview it was fun smashing all the glass to get the right sounds for the song.

  28. Żaklina Ł.

    Listen to: Kate Bush – Wow

    Its her another great song.

  29. Liane Levy

    I love watching you react to Kate Bush. I can see in your face everything I feel inside. Your next Kate Bush song has to be Love and Anger, or The Sensual World.

  30. Edward Hannah

    Only the Great Kate Bush can cleverly craft this 3-minute something pop song about love and regret!

  31. Alex Fletcher

    Did I mention she was a goddess too? Oh yes…

  32. Nicholas Szohner

    A Babushka is the black head scarf that old ladies used to wear, in eastern Europe..

  33. Jamie Grieve

    She dresses up as another woman to see if her husband will fall for another woman and he does so she regrets what she has done because he says Im all yours babooshka

  34. Alex Fletcher

    First heard her at the age of 5 and she remains probably the last true great British invention in music. Its a sound curiously unaffected by America in many ways, but has a transcendental power of its own.

  35. Jad

    love kate bush! THE MAN WITH THE CHILD IN HIS EYES or ARMY DREAMERS next k.s.o ; )peace

  36. Steven Palmer

    I could be wrong here but is babooshka not Russian for grandmother? 🙂

  37. macmisias

    Babbooska is a grandmother in Russian and also the russian game with the dolls that are inside each other . .

  38. Stephen Barker

    Kate Bush is the real deal, an established all round artist, a 4 octave vocal range, an insightfull, intelligent, emotive lyric and music writer, a versatile musician, a classically trained visionary dancer and performer. Babooshka is a Russian fable that involves a Russian peasent wife who tests her husbands devotion, loyalty to her and their marriage by spiriting / morphing herself into a much younger looking temptress in order to lure and tempt her husband, and test his devotion, love and loyalty to his wife. Kate Bush draws from fables, fairytales, multy cultural myths, history and literature from around the world for inspiration.

  39. dennis james

    Most young men I knew where mesmerized by this Video me included ,I have no idea why LOL



  41. Howie Shaw

    Nice reaction. Check out her song Hammer Horror

  42. Michael Talbot

    Have you heard cloudbusting by Kate Bush its one of my favorites 🙂

  43. VerMaarte

    Babushka means a loving mother or grandmother in Russian

    1. VerMaarte

      And theres also the thing with the wooden puppets within puppets; theyre also called Babushkas …

  44. Thomas.E. Jensen

    babushka means Grandmother in russian.🤘😜🤘

  45. John Sørensen

    Beauty woman with a magical voice and great video🌞👍

  46. Alan Kohn

    Her voice is magical I have always loved her songs

  47. Gary Coates

    we love Kate,,the story in the song is short and to the point
    in the song shes testing his fidelity by taking on a costumed identity but unfortunately he falls for the fake identity, even though its because she reminds him of his wifes passionate side she seems to have lost.
    love the sexy viking wonder woman in the video
    you gotta do the song Breathing next

  48. Jon S.

    Congratulations this morning to KATE BUSH (Kabush!!). She has been nominated for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame along with The Go-Gos, Tina Turner, Carole King and many others.

    1. VerMaarte

      Well .. shes living in the south of England … making brilliant albums now and again; and she wouldnt care less

    2. chris barlow

      @Jon S. Well she isnt rock n roll in the same way as she isnt an RnB singer or a soul singer or a jazz pianist or a folk singer. Shes all of those and none of them. Shes a conceptual artist first and foremost so to shoehorn her into an artistic straight jacket called the rock n roll hall of fame is rather meaningless. Im sure Kate wont lose too much sleep over the prospect of being compared to someone who gave the world Nutbush City Limits…..

    3. Jon S.

      @chris barlow Im amazed at the music pundits who are saying Kate doesnt stand a chance of being inducted because shes really not rock n roll! Whaaaat?

    4. chris barlow

      Im sorry but Kate being put in with a group of artists such as The Go Gos and Tina Turner is just comical.

  49. Stephen Ord

    I love Kate, did then, do now

  50. drdassler

    Shes got one of those perfect voices, like Karen Carpenter. Its so clean, like notes on a keyboard. She has a beautiful unique sound. A real artist.

  51. Winston Smith

    This video used to make my pyjamas move.

  52. Jamie Grieve

    Read the words she wanted to test her husband

  53. faustus t

    I love the smashing bottles at the end (cant hear them on here) all with different notes, symbolising change or calamity. A genius artist.

  54. Nemo

    Babooshka is a Russian word.. B(a)booshka, stress in Russian grammar is placed on the second letter.Ba(boo)shka,accent doesnt sound respectful,vulgarly.Babooshka а grandmother is a woman who has grandchildren
    In Russian, have the word dedushka-grandfather

  55. redfishradical

    Kate said this song was about a woman building something huge out of nothing & deciding to test her husband!

    BUT! Instead of his thinking it the advances of some exotic, exciting new woman, HE’S seeing his wife before her growing distant & cool!

    Also, she ghouythe word babooshka sounded exotic…not learning that it’s a a Russian grandmother till the song was recorded LOL!

    The woman is a towering genius with her aural sculptures & brilliant words!

  56. dennis james

    Someone told her after the song came out that Babooshka was Russian for grand mother ,shed heard the name and thought it sounded Exotic ,but didnt know what it meant .

  57. Ann Other

    The most amazing bass guitar work in this song

  58. Albin Eigengrau

    Babooshka is like a more realistic version of The Pina Colada Song, gone horribly wrong.

  59. Donna Jean

    Babooska means Grandmother in the Slavic languages.

  60. Adam Warlock

    Incognito. She masqueraded as a young exotic lady. So he failed the test and proven to be disloyal…..did not end happily.

  61. Glors

    This has always been my favourite of Kate Bushs – that and Running Up That Hill! I read where her costume was a very hurried last minute job and she loved it 😁 She signed the letter All Yours, Babooshka … she should have had more faith in herself 😍💖

  62. DL Powers

    Kate Bush never surprises me…she is so awesome and such an original mesmerizing artist. thx for sharing KSO 🙂

  63. Marcelo Duarte Poppolino

    Love your channel! Please, react to kate bush – Sensual world 🙂

  64. Marc Kenner

    Shes so endearingly weird…

  65. lb d5300

    Great song, as always from Kate Bush. The reason the husband doesn’t recognize her is because she’s in disguise. And the two outfits Kate wears in the video represent the two versions – the wife as she normally is, draped in black and subdued, and the fantasy figure she created, wild haired and exotically dressed in chain mail and silk. The twist is that the only reason he falls for the fantasy version is because she reminds him of his wife.

  66. rasper dan

    She did not understand that he would fall in love with her again. It was clear the problem was that she had changed. Well thats my understanding of it.

    1. TheBamfinator

      She changed but didnt change at the same time. The effort she put into proving him a cheat shows that she probably still couldve been the person she used to be.
      I think thats why the lyrics specifically say she froze on him, not the other way around.

  67. João Carlos Vieira de Freitas

    BABOOSKHA is grandmother in russian

  68. Lewis Maddox

    Keep in mind all the broken glass, and the fact that shes brandishing a sword at the end. I dont think its, They lived happily
    ever after. Im speculating a future of flashing lights and people with uniforms, ambulances…body bags.

  69. Sasha Bertold

    She outstanding.
    Miss those days!!!
    Nice reaction!!!

  70. Still Stormwaters

    Babooshka means beloved

  71. James Dignan music

    Babushka is a Russian word meaning grandmother, or more colloquially, the same as the term MILF.

  72. Bruce R

    The Man with the child in his eyes….thats a great Kate tune…

  73. Paul Challenor

    You need to review the Kate Bush parody by NTNON England my Leotard

  74. Mark Ch

    You must reacts to Army Dreamers.

  75. Mark Symons

    You should try Experiment IV by Kate at some point – great song – awesome video which Kate directed herself

  76. James Tringham

    Sorry if Im duplicating, but my take is Babooshka is the pseudonym the wife used to tempt her husband. First by the letter, then in person. Wife was heavily disguised at the meet. Husband fell for her because of her being reminiscent of his wife early in the relationship. But something had happened and so the wife had frozen on him. It all went horribly wrong – wife killed husband for infidelity.
    If youve not done Kates Moments of Pleasure, its one of the most gorgeous songs there is.

  77. Thomas Ovens

    You should check out Kate Bushs cover of Elton Johns Rocket Man. It is superb.

  78. Marcel Troia

    Im sure you will love the sensual world

  79. youtpfpm

    the sweet time when, to make a legendary music video, 2 costumes, a sword and a double bass were enough.

  80. DairyIsAntiFeminist

    The word Babooshka makes me think of the Babooshka dolls that you take apart to find other dolls inside, each smaller than the one before (there maybe five or more dolls in all). Perhaps the usage of the word in this song suggests different layers/personas that make the Babooshka character in this song unrecognizable to her husband.

  81. Brendan Ashton

    She sends the letters under a different name “Babooska” to test him to see if he will stray, and she arranges to meet him once he’s on the hook. She feels she has lost her beauty and her husband has lost his initial passion for her, to the point when they meet up he just sees signs of what he loved about his wife in her, it is left open at the end, does she continue the charade to maintain the relationship or reveal who she really is…who knows! Great song great reaction. I would like you to react to king of the mountain it’s a beautiful song by Kate Bush

    1. TheBamfinator

      Its implied that she stopped doing the things he loved out of paranoia of him cheating(freezing on him), killing the marriage in a self fulfilling prophecy kind of way.

  82. Alpha Omega

    You really need to check out Sat In Your Lap its her at her most out there and she looks incredible in the clip.

  83. Александр V

    Kate Bush is a something special as always,бабушка means grandmother baby for sure.😊

  84. One Race Through Adam

    The wife who attempts to woo, or perhaps entrap, her own husband by posing as an available lover. Cant give him kudos for showing up at the rendezvous, but lyrics make clear he loved her prior to marital distress. Marital distress comes to all, and we do disservice to present marriage as lived happily ever after, instead of teaching expectations of, and how to deal with inevitable distress.

  85. Etherial 12

    Kate Bush – Breathing still my favorite.

  86. Yael Horowitz

    Babooska is the russian name ofa russian doll. A doll within a doll. A woman within a woman…

  87. Bobby Jackson

    As others have said Baboshka means grandmother in Russian but at the time Kate didnt know that. It was the name of a friends cat and she liked it. Also this song was one of the first, if not the first, to use a synthesiser for the smashing glass sound.

  88. eddiemi

    Try some Polly Harvey – Good Fortune, A Perfect Day Elise, The Dancer, Sheela Na Gig.

  89. Louise Marks

    My Husband loves this video…. cant think why 😉 !!!
    Love love love Kate Bush! The Man With the Child in His Eyes should be your next K.B reaction – absolutely beautiful.

  90. rain73ful

    Please listen to all her other albums too. Believe me, you wont regret it! She is a genius!

  91. mark johnson

    Babooshka means grandmother, but it has also been a common word for the head kerchief often worn by elderly European women, maids, and housewives. I think this is what Kate had in mind, it is very appropriate as a symbol of the drudgery of housework and the unhappy wife in the kitchen. The babooshka is worn to keep the hair out of the working womens face, much like a hair net.


    His wife had a hidden Baboshka within her, we all have one. So interpretation can be either a very sad or a very very sinful story,lol


    That reminds me of something that is directly same story and a fantastic video. Please do : I write sins not tragedies. Offical video, you will love.

  94. Tyrone Coupland

    The wife tests the husband to see if he would cheat. She showed up incognito. That is, in a disguise

    The irony is that he had felt like he knew this disguised women. She reminded him of his wife before the tears and the self doubts. He just wanted his wife back and fell for this women that reminded him of his wife, but when she loved him

    So the irony was if she just changed her attitude and showed interest in him, maybe he would not have strayed…not that it excuses this, but it can be a sad story played out too often.

  95. Diane Lindsay

    Please have a listen to Moments of pleasure and The sensual world.

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