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By | 31.03.2021

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107 thoughts on “Kumarhane 1995 çevrimiçi 720

  1. Alex in The Middle

    could there be any position further down the trough? A generous compromise! When Mr Rothstein looked to the side to think about it and decided not to, thats where he went wrong in the end!

  2. Dio Santana

    Love that he didn’t have to take his shoes off. Ah the 80s

  3. JokerScars69

    Who exactly is the asshole in this scene cause honestly Bobby Deniro aint doing to good of a job being a reasonable guy whose NOT the sole cause of his literal downfall

  4. fred sobel

    A great scene from a great movie.

  5. Pete Hatzi

    Perfect job on a perfect scene 👍

  6. Revo lootion

    That hubris. Should’ve known that he wasn’t gonna beat the good ol boy system while the Italians aren’t in political power out there. Ace thought running the best casinos on the strip meant something w/o greasing those “civil” servants palms.

  7. Kashif Ahmed

    Once in Pakistan Gulam Sarwar offered me a £300,000 bribe which was instantly refused ..

  8. Daniel Rodrigues

    The family is babying the idiot he fired.

  9. Sea Gull

    3:10 you all just our guests but you act like your home was the Cowboy referring to all non native Nevadians, wise guys, Jews…? (Later in the movie he refers to Mr Rothstein with the K word.)

  10. Westernsharpies RC

    ole LQ still going strong

  11. HarlokCastle

    The moral of the story is learn to pick your battles! Give the ole mans brother in law another job until you can get the upper hand!

  12. Matt Harlow

    I love how he has to put his slacks on, lest they get ruffled from sitting.

  13. mc dude

    this cowboy said a bunch of mumble jumble as his argument. he was supposed to be a bad guy.

  14. Sean M Caddle

    Key moment in a great movie. Sam should have known this was a big mistake, especially after he was told by the Commissioner it was his brother in law. The Commissioner even went further and said down the line, he gave Sam the option of saving face and bringing him back at a later date after the situation would have been forgotten about. Now we know Hollywood takes liberty’s but if this really happened as played out then Sam had no one to blame for his arrogance and the heat the situation brand to him and his license.

    Sam forgot how things were done back home many years ago!

  15. Michael Newton

    This is one of those instances where the von Moltke Matrix doesn’t work.

  16. TheFunkybert

    The county commissioner should have been played by Sam Elliott.. imagine the power of that low voice and piercing eyes stickin’ it to him in the end of that scene.

  17. matability

    That’s one incompetent lady. He said call him 4 minutes after. This whole scene is less than 4 minutes so I know her ass didn’t wait…. It’s hard to find good help…..

  18. kelvyquayo

    “You’re in no position to challenge my expertise”. I need to say this more at work…. calmly

  19. atheistasylum

    “Now get out of my office, you sh*t kickin’, toilet hat wearin’, inbred country bumpkin!”

  20. Al Bundy

    I liked this movie the first time I saw it when it was called GOODFELLAS!

  21. Vincent Haddad

    The last dialogue exchange is a great example of a subtle mental warfare promise/threat.
    “You bet.”

  22. ْ ْ

    Burt Reynolds was considered for this role

  23. fuck the corona virus

    He should have just hired him back as a waiter or something the commissioner was very civil here Sam was just being big headed

  24. FinnAnderson25

    I always think about what would’ve happened if his character played the game and kept the employee, would things have ended differently?

  25. Irshad Azeez

    Whats he drinking from that blue bottle?

  26. Aostin 77

    This would actually be an example of how not to deal with assholes, at least in this case. This was not a good strategic move for Ace.

  27. Andrew McCracken Reichers

    This is why Sam fucked himself. But like the first lines of the movie indicated “we fucked it all up”.

  28. Patrick McCarron

    So who is the asshole in this video? I am assuming Rothstein.

  29. Abdiel Leblanc

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  30. Brayden Ellis

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  31. Reza Alavi

    Call me 4 minutes after .. He already decided not to take him seriously. Too cocky

  32. Derek Trucks

    Considering the cowboy had friends at the gaming board, should have given the brother in law a job as a CPA = Car Parking Attendant at the Casino 🎰

  33. Gobbersmack

    No. The commissioner is literally the hero of the film.

  34. AIR T

    They should make a movie called Mobsters vs The Good Ol Boys Id like to see who wins.

  35. Simon Says

    Thats L.Q. Jones who played in The Wild Bunch

  36. Angel Valle

    How to f up 101 these good ol boys ran the state the man just asked kindly to find the man a job further down the troff.

  37. Mr. VOID-OUT

    This scene shows how blinded both Sammy and Nicky were blinded by the vision. The commissioner; while nepotistic, was graciously willing to let the mob have a hand in the pie if theyd just oblige some cordial agreements. If I was Ace, Id certainly be kissin those boots.

  38. Joseph Schreiber

    I would have put him in charge of finding candidates for the Annual Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Excellence


    the best part was I am sorry. Cowboy = You bet

  40. 8523wsxc

    Love the shot that lingers on their shoes. Its like, these two will not meet in the middle.

  41. colderbeer

    The real ASSHOLE here is actually Sam…….this was a major fuckup by not working with this guy and not re-hiring the guys relative. A smarter guy would have worked it out because the shitstorm that this guy caused was not worth it.

  42. Angel Salvador

    Ace was over his head what a dick!

  43. Jim Jones

    Youre in no position to challenge my expertise

    He is my brother in law, and my shoes are nicer than yours… so I kinda am

  44. Kevin Loven

    Ace told his secretary to send him in and call him 4 minutes after, anybody smart enough to know why Ace did this?

    1. M K

      Maybe a backup plan/excuse to end the meeting to make it appear he had another appt if the cowboy wouldnt leave on his own…

  45. James Boulger

    This is the worst mistake Sam makes. As a gangster, he should know and be aware of how these things work, and understand just how reasonable the guys offer was. The commissioner basically gave leverage up to Sam he didnt need to give, which is kind of a nice gesture to Sam. He got incredibly arrogant and lost his business head, which is deadly for a gangster.

    1. mike kinsela

      the cowboy showed Sam later in the movie how things work at the gaming lic hearing

  46. Lee Lorenz

    Actually hes the asshole in this scene.

  47. John DeMarco

    Moral: If you dont want to be sent back home, never hair-lip the governor. I dont know what hair- lipping a governor means exactly, but it sounds like a negative response…

  48. Amirs Homes Realty Inc

    Everybody with cowboy boots out here is a county commission

  49. Bourg Productions

    When I look at LQ Jones, its look looking at a geriatric Ernest P. Worrell. LQ Jones and Jim Varney looked just like alike. Too bad Varney is no longer with us.

  50. Janabrandi Alibrandi

    Incompetent is an understatement. Untrustworthy, that was a given years ago.

  51. Matthew Took

    Whos the asshole here….

  52. Bourg Productions

    Directors cut:

    -Could be any position further down the trough?
    -You know what? I think I can give the guy a basic job. He can be a janitor for the casino or a parking lot valet. Ill call him in the next few minutes.
    -All right partner, that will keep Don in line. Ill shake on that.

    Ace and Cowboy shake hands. Then comes the licensing hearing, Sam argues his case for 30 minutes. The Gaming Commission grants Sam his license, Casino makes record profits, the Mafia prospers from the profit.

  53. n a t e f r m b k l y n 2

    Salute the things I missed the first 2,000 times watching Casino. Scorceses use of only panning the camera to show the clear difference in background of Rothstein and the cowboy, and lmao at DeNiro sitting behind that desk as Rothstein with no pants on (so as not to ruin the crease)! Nice legs Bob.

  54. Patrick Sheils

    Ace made two mistakes in this movie. Not taking this guy seriously, and of course, marrying Ginger. Horrible judgment for a sharp guy.

  55. Four6Three1Two

    Worked at a casino for 11 years. Department Heads & Executives really do act like Ace. If you don’t address them first, they speak to your supervisors about it.
    – Signed 06/06/2021

    1. Deke Hassa

      Your comment is really weird and ghey.

  56. Hussain Aldafaai

    Silly hillbilly -Connor mcgregor

  57. 5annent

    the idiot knew some important ppl) I always heard this about life) its not about what you know, but who you know (blow)) this movie showed it) Sam said he would like to help him & do favors) but the cowboy seem overbearing unreasonable) & basically wanted Sam to fk up his business!?) If Sam would have made the idiot a janitor, blue berry counter) the cowboy would still be mad unhappy?)

  58. Mike Hawk

    “You bet”


  59. lxl KHARMA lxl

    Sam was the one dumber than a rock here. The guy was extremely patient, polite and very professional. He went out of his way to do business.

  60. Dude Man

    Butterfly effect from this encounter took down the whole shabang

  61. Dirk D

    He deals with that asshole so well that he loses his job. The County revokes his ability to get a License. Smart.

  62. gulleyjimson

    This is the equivalent of the Billy Batts scene in Goodfellas – the beginning of the end.

  63. Fake Woke

    Ok so wtf was he doing with his pants off?

  64. Rotten Apple

    Before you tell someone to go jump for it, always put your pants on.

  65. Anthony Bugg

    Your all just our guest 💯

  66. SaD_kNiFeYT

    Can anyone tell me why he asked his assistant to call him in 4 minutes? The only reason I came up with is he wanted the conversation to be short so he asked his secretary to ring him when the time was up!😳

  67. JesseJames

    What I never understood was why didnt Sam just make the guy a greeter at the front door or something. All he has to do is say hello and open the door For everyone that walks in lol.

  68. David Daniel

    Must be nice to have a nice office and sit down with only your underpants on but when your sam ace rothstien you can get away with anything Lol

  69. Justice League

    Let me get this straight, he knew who this Cowboy is and know that he running his Casino without a lic. and wouldnt do him a small favor by taking his Bro in law back? Even for a less a position than what he was? He deserves to lose everything that was coming for him.

  70. shalevai

    Ace should have danced with this guy. You dont fuck up with politicians that way

  71. TacoLoco83

    Avery Carrington from GTA Vice City

  72. Andy Wood

    In business, theres this term called You scratch my back, and Ill scratch yours. Fact.

  73. charles p coleta

    Just came across this, and in light of The Irishman, I suddenly have a revulsion for these gangsters, and this scene is tremendously endearing. We rarely get a man – a civilian – talk directly to a connected gangster and calmly remind him of his place in this country. You bet

  74. Allan Lock

    That guy brought them down they owned half the city wasnt scared of the mob

  75. Elizabeth Johnson


  76. Kashif Ahmed

    GS has a duplicate Nusrat P Ahmed

  77. gynandroidhead

    Ace fed a monster pot of coffee with the way he handled this.

  78. Bo Burwell

    Albanian Guy Ha! How about The Hardwood Floor Guy?

  79. Hector Bustamante

    Ace was stupid and got everything he got coming to him.
    The guy is a powerful man in Vegas and was asking for a tiny favor.
    He should’ve taken the offer and given the incompetent fool a lesser role.
    The tiny favor would’ve gone a long way.

  80. sexymexijesse

    A## hole? That Cowboy was nice and being fair… Sam could have let his idiot son in law work at the Hotel and gain a favor… But his Ego said he can afford making this man an enemy, Big Mistake…

  81. Arkadia Moon

    Plot twist: Brother-in-Law has *one* undiscovered talent, and plays it into a lucrative career as part of the Xanadus draw for lonely rich women.

  82. D Col

    I don’t understand 0:56 why does Scorcese show their boots/shoes?

    1. david owens

      Poor old civil servant with $2000 boots..shows that the county commisioner is corrupt

  83. Carlos Marco

    Sam lost sight of why he was there. Boss status got to his head and he forgot the main thing. He was not a boss.

  84. Jophis March

    Sort of why America is where it is today. To many people are accepting being told what to do, instead of thinking for themselves .

    It was sad then, and even more sad/shady right now. Fight on, or dont. Its your choice. Just dont be a government lemming…Its the bottom of the barrel for folks who live in reality..

  85. Robert King

    I love deniro in this scene but he has to understand that he’s an out of state implant and that isn’t his state so he should’ve knew better than to shit where he isn’t from so he needs to adapt to the western culture instead of trying to change it because it’s not his home. People that are from there have the power to run him out because it’s their state not his.

  86. waterhead001

    Give him a job washing dishes or working as a janitor, with the understanding, if Don screws up, comes to work late or for any other reason they can think of, hes fired.

    1. waterhead001

      @mike kinsela He wanted the same amount of blueberries in every muffin. I dont think Don could screw that up.

    2. mike kinsela

      Ace should have put him in charge of making sure the muffens had a equal amount of blueberries.

  87. Aliezer De Bona

    – Sorry.
    – You bet.

  88. Benny Sum

    Put him in charge of blueberries in blue berry muffin then cranberries and eventually chocolate chip muffins

  89. Miguel Gonzalez

    Title should be how to make unnecessary enemies. Brushed the guy off like he was nothing.

  90. Kashif Ahmed

    GS accepting lifting Deggan after meeting his uncle DSP Faisalabad ..

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