Slot makinesi altın partisi bedava demo oyna

By | 31.08.2021

Kayıtsız ücretsiz oynayabileceğiniz slot makineleri ve sms. Bedava ve kayıtsız oynayabileceğiniz slot makineleri Aztek.

Binomo nedir? Binomo platformu ve işlevleri

Maraton bahisçisinin ofisine girmek için aynalar. BioNTech aşısı, 12 yaş üzerine Fonbet tesis. Belirlenen saatte istediğiniz yükseliş gerçekleştiğinde paranızı çekebilir machine bazaar. Binomo varlıkların fiyatlarıyla işlem yapılan sitedir.

Buz hokeyi rusya-çek cumhuriyeti bugün tahmini. Spor hokeyi khl bugün için tahminler.

Tüm bahisçiler nizhny novgorod telefon ! site

Rusya ermenistan futbol maç tahmini. Betcity ödeme şifresi nasıl bulunur. Bk fonbet eski hayat çevrimiçi. Spor tahminleri hakkında slot makinesi altın partisi bedava demo oyna.


168 thoughts on “Slot makinesi altın partisi bedava demo oyna

  1. Tina Vocassio

    Good luck. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  2. Bounphet Vilayphong

    I like to watching your play slot machine

  3. Dan White

    Buffalo is notorious for giving lots of free games with nothing lining up.

  4. Debby S

    Fun watching U play at mid-limit….which is still too hi for me. lol! Enjoyed watching.

  5. Charmaine Robinson

    NG you should not even waste your time to answer those kind of comments. I have watch you play a long time now so I know what you do at times . I Love to watch you play dont let them spoil your Joy. Good Luck.🌹🍀🍀🌹

    1. NG Slot

      I appreciate that ! Thanks a lot for your support my friend !

  6. Jhonny Thelusme

    NG the best Of the best ind YouTube Samthink 👍 Nice

  7. Tyron Megawatts

    Cool beans NG🍺🍺🍺🍺

    1. NG Slot

      Thank you for watching and support

  8. romit sharma

    Wht happend ng money finish now u playing 4.50 $ bet

    1. Dreama Ryan

      What kind of work do you do? Need a partner? 🤣😂🤣

    2. NG Slot

      @Antonio almost impossible to win $5,000 jackpots on $50 bets , they paid less than $3,000 but can take $10,000 very quick when you do $50 bets !

    3. Antonio

      @NG Slot I agree I play them alot too max bet

    4. NG Slot

      @Antonio thanks for watching and support !I will try soon, it became hard to win fire link machines !

    5. Antonio

      @NG Slot savage lol good luck NG I want to see you win big on ultimate fire link. Im a daily watcher

  9. Carolyn Knutson

    Nice run on buffalo gold !
    Dont pay any attention to negative remarks NG.
    Regardless of what you play, amount of bet, amount of money you play…. its your channel NG… and there will always be people griping about something!!!
    You have a great channel, I always like watching you play!
    I cant bet like you do, but I still like watching your channel !
    Great job NG
    Great guy NG
    Great channel NG

  10. Алексей Чулков


  11. sauropod

    Buffalo could have treated you better with 48 spins but a very nice win on a $4.50 bet. Better than most of your high limit games.
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful casino experience
    Ciao from Little Italy Montréal

    1. NG Slot

      I agree!! it could pay good for sure ! Thank you for watching and support always my friend !

  12. Daniel & Samantha

    NG, you got your big bonus when your balance was $960.52… If you add together 9 and 2 you get 11, and if you add together 5,6 and 0 you get 11, thats why you got the bonus. Lucky number 11 😊

  13. Alejandro Enriquez

    You just told us what all the fun is about, better to surprise your viewersand not say it In the title.

  14. alejandro Duran

    Regalame 10.000 que nesesito ya que te sobra el dinero y lo tiras en tragaperras😜

  15. Jason lim

    if you maintain for 1 year … you are god..
    it will not take 1 year …you will know everything was dream …
    1 year

    1. NG Slot

      Jason i play 11 years and never go casino to win money, i go for entertainment and if i am lucky will win, thats it !

  16. Ken Riches

    I love this game , can not hardly wait until i play again .

    1. NG Slot

      Thanks for watching and feedback ! Good luck

  17. Verlinda Franklin

    Lets see the power of the bonuses

    1. NG Slot

      Yeahhhh ! Thank you for watching 😉

  18. Jean Villanueva

    So many negative people around! Don’t worry about whatever they say! Majority of us really appreciate you playing low bets too! It’s always nice to see both! You’re the best NG you really show us the reality of gambling. Thank you! And best of luck always!!!

  19. Brock Snyder

    Not even a 2x bonus. Lol

  20. Sharone robinson

    Hello my buddy! You are good to think you owe those haters an explanation about your finances. Do your thing and play the way you enjoy playing. Enjoy!!!

    1. NG Slot

      Thank you for watching and support Sharone !

  21. mayapapaya77

    Man I played this yesterday and had zero luck! All day the casino was eating up my money!!!! SMH

    1. Cuckoo For Cocoa Puffs How are ya

      Unbelievable ✌️

    2. wayabaconchile

      @NG Slot 😳😳😳!!!

    3. NG Slot

      this game pays NOTHING or Pays HUGE ! sorry to hear that, i lost this last 5 months around $300,000 !

  22. Erwin Serrano

    Great play ng, favorite game..

  23. bobby novotny

    People must be delusional to think you are broke…. you are NG the slot guru baby!!!!

    1. NG Slot

      Thank you for watching 😉 and support buddy Bobby !

  24. Kevin Grace

    NG you’re awesome! I’ve always done better on slots where the max bet is under $10 so don’t worry about your haters!

    1. NG Slot

      Thanks so much!! i appreciate it !

  25. Roxanne Shaw

    Watch you all the time thanks for always being so nice Roxy from Las vegas

    1. NG Slot

      You are so welcome ! Thanks for watching and feedback

  26. Bizzle Beedizzle

    Dont let thise people saying youre broke get to ya ng. I guess they just dont understand that the machines at most casinos are incredibly tight rt now and doesnt make sense to throw 20$ to 30$ a spin into a machine thats not gonna pay. Good luck buddy I love the channel

  27. Michael Hudson

    NG, why are you only betting $4.50 a spin now?? You must be broke!!! Ha ha just kidding!! Like I said before those people making those comments are watching your videos for a reason!! Its because they dont have the money to go to the casino and they dont have anything better to do than insult you!! Dont ever let the trolls get to you because thats what they want!! Your real viewers know the truth!! Hell even at $4.50 a spin a thousand dollars can disappear in 10 minutes!! Thanks for the videos my friend!

  28. Kevin Grace

    125x bonus would rarely get that on a $25 or $50 spin

    1. NG Slot

      yeah %100 you are right ! $1 machines dont pay like that , i have 1000s of $25 to $125 bet bonus and a few of them were 100x and more

  29. Madridsp31 1100111010011101

    Great job NG ! I am back had open heart surgery last week ! 😊❤️

    1. Dos P

      @Madridsp31 1100111010011101💝💝💝

    2. Madridsp31 1100111010011101

      @Dos P Thank you 😊

    3. Madridsp31 1100111010011101

      @In The Game Thank you 😊

    4. In The Game

      Please stay safe live long and be well.

    5. Valerie Carroll

      Have a speedy recovery! REST

  30. kathy brown

    I love your channel. Great game.

    1. NG Slot

      Thank you for watching and support Kathy !

  31. Yolanda Leyva

    #NGSlot#1 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
    Another GREAT session!!! Next time you will get the 15 buffalo heads.

  32. romit sharma

    I always watch ur videos and I saw u play always high limit bets thts y I said today u play 4.50 $ bet

    1. NG Slot

      i explained VERY WELL in the video that the casino DOESNT have any high limit BUFFALO game at harrahs casino in san diego, there is tons of games that i want to play but you just CANTT find high limit versions !

  33. Mary N

    Dont worry what people say NG. Everyone that watches your slot channel, enjoys watching as I do!!!

  34. Mark Giles

    Don’t listen to the haters I love your videos!!!

  35. Patti Smith

    Of course you are the best singer 2020 🆖🆖🆖 Nie,Nie !nie🎤🎤. Buffalo at 4.50 over 500 awesome 💰👏🏼🥳💰

    1. NG Slot

      lol I appreciate it dear Patti ! CHEERS and thanks for watching

  36. Dorothy Jones

    Always rooting for you NG to win BIG!

    1. NG Slot

      Thank you for watching and support JOnes !

  37. Slot Whisper

    Nice win on the bonus spin!

  38. Curtis Jenkins

    That was uneventful.. By the headline I wouldve thought u won thousands…

    1. NG Slot

      Curtis this is the problem on this game , with this bet and 15 gold heads you can get easily 20K and more

  39. caddothegreat

    Good show NG. Much better than me a month ago Buff rev max bet 28 games. 12 heads in first 10 free games and then…. nothing. paid just $200
    gl my friend

    1. NG Slot

      sorry to hear that , better luck next time ! CHEERS

  40. catfishstar

    Why are your ads always in German? This is America!

  41. Dederick Lape

    a smart man only play what you can afford

    1. Dederick Lape

      I have the same problem as a chain attached to the chair

    2. NG Slot

      I always say that but there is games that i cant find high limit version and i have to play low limit like thisone !

  42. Procopio Batongbakal

    Buffalo 🐃 🐃
    Good luck NG

  43. Elizabeth Millar

    When they came out with this game everyone was so excited with its potential. It just sucks!!! Everyone who has played it over and over knows. Sure, once in a blue moon it hits, but its all smoke and mirrors. A missed opportunity by the developers and always set ton”lowest pay out” by casinos everywhere. This game as exciting as it could have been? They just caused a ruse! Best NG love ya! E.

  44. Maria Perez

    Congratulations NG!! 😅😎🥳


    That was an awesome run on revolution my friend! Thumbs up to you for awesome play NG!

    1. NG Slot

      Glad you enjoyed it Thanks a lot buddy !

  46. Alan Fein

    Couldn’t believe how small of a bonus on so many spins. Demand a respin

  47. Edna Rosado

    Nice run. Great bonus. Good luck.

  48. Midwest Slot Diva

    N.G. you dont have to justify why you play a certain machine or denom. Ignore the negative comments!! Show us the power of your bonus 🙂

  49. Iris Ruiz

    I don’t like buffalo . 48 games but didn’t pay good 😏 I like your sarcasm with the second bonus tho hahaha 😂 you were like awesome 2 dollars 😂

  50. Miriam R

    🆖 why your viewers comment how little you are betting now💰🆖 you are amazing slot player 👍 if you were going broke you couldn’t put a video one or twice a day or sometime three 🎰 so keep entertaining us and we be watching #☝️on YouTube

    1. NG Slot

      I appreciate it , there are viewers that are not to understand it , i explain even in this video that i bet $4.50 because Harrahs casino doesnt have high limit version of buffalo gold revolution like %95 casinos in California !

  51. Ana Alvarez

    Good luck NG. I have been following you for the last two months now. Really like your videos.

  52. Sylvia Trevino

    Great win!!👍👍😄😄🍀🍀🎉🎉

  53. Nunya Marie

    My best wins have been on $1.00 spins over $25 bets. Those who are at home with no money (or not brave enough to bet $100 spins) get their entertainment vicariously through your videos. They should not criticize or spread their negativity. No need to explain why you bet high or low…it’s your money. What only matters is that the amount you cash out is higher than your starting wager. It’s not always going to be wins but that’s why it’s called gambling. I’ve seen you a few times at Rincon but never want to interrupt your videos. Keep doing what you do. Best of luck and positive vibes to you NG.

  54. samir yalda

    Mr narek Trust me yesterday, a woman in Sycuan Casino she won 14,9780 in this machine she bet dollar and eighty cents she got 215 Free Spin

  55. fastfoxgamer

    Love the Buffalo game had great success with it in cherokee north carolina I like watching your videos every day

    1. NG Slot

      That is awesome! Thank you for watching 😉 and keep winning !

  56. Brian Sefring

    Par for the course with slots now..ya play for the bonus and get a pocket full of nothing.

  57. Sandy Theisen

    Great play. Its sad you are doing better at the lower level betting and winning more!! Are the machines set to pay better for the small bettors? What do you think NG?

    1. NG Slot

      looks like yeah they pay better with lower bets that $25 or higher bets !

  58. Fernando Montejo

    You should play more búfalo gold


    Way to Go ! NG Great Job ! CT Frank….

  60. Donna Coleman

    People can be so petty. NG keep doing you, my friend. Its the broke ones that are living vicariously through your play! 😉

  61. jdmazzocc1

    This game biggest joke in casino. Bonuses way too far and few, and for bonuses the majority the ceiling is a bust

  62. Nancy Mattix

    My absolute favorite Buffalo game. It really liked you today! Awesome video.

    1. NG Slot

      Glad you enjoyed it! i love it too but became very hard to win big on those games !

  63. Tina Vocassio

    My favorite game

    1. NG Slot

      Thank you for watching 😉Tina !

  64. Carol Hanson

    Nice job! True story, saw this game played on you tube so stuck $40.00 in one a few months ago. Was only betting 1.50 , hit the bonus. 86 free spins & won over1,600.00.

    1. NG Slot

      yeah this game can pay crazy ! Thanks for watching !

  65. Aletha Knowles

    Wow people say that dumb shit why would they say you are broke kills me wtf is it to them. Just says that is so rude for anyone to say

  66. Borgata999

    NG, you are the best! Dont pay any attention to people who make stupid anonymous comments,
    They probably bet 50 cents.

    1. NG Slot

      Hey buddy ! Thanks for watching

    1. NG Slot

      yes $4.50 is max bet on that machine At Harrahs casino in SAN DIEGO !

  67. NG Slot

    Epic JACKPOT ! Premiere At 6pm PT !

  68. In The Game

    Jesus Christ even on this title you smash some amazing line hits. You just got the lucky touch NG WTG

  69. Wayne Adams


  70. Droid Zone

    Watch most of your videos but I swear your the luckiest guy ever im in England and max jackpot is like £500 and you never get it not only that but it costs more then £500 to get it so you never win always end up chasing the money Ive lost and loosing more gambling should be made illegal for everyones sake

  71. Brian Sefring

    I appreciate you….you never cuss in your videos.

  72. Amber Heard Fan Club

    Well done NJ. You nailed an awesome win without breaking the bank. Smart decisions in life should not require a ton of cash NJ just to make a profit. Well done!

  73. JJK jackpots

    I love that game good luck win big

    1. NG Slot

      Thanks for watching and feedback JJK Slot

  74. JonesDylan874

    That was kinda disappointing for 48 games, NG. I mean, 100x+ is not bad, but it couldve been better.

    1. NG Slot

      yeah sure you are right ! I was hopping handpay jackpot ! Its rare to get a 48 games with max bet , one good line hit would be jackpot there

  75. Bill Main

    Brilliant NG just a nice session Thank you again 🥰🥰🌹🌹👍👍🥃

    1. NG Slot

      Glad you enjoyed it ! Thank you for watching and support Bill !

  76. Tonto King

    I think for 19 minutes, you did a great job!! Thanks for the video🎰🎰💵💵👍👍

  77. Valerie Carroll

    You owe no one any explanation. If they are so worried they can send you money! People!!

  78. Lora Turjanica

    Always a pleasure to watch your videos, thank you very much.

    1. NG Slot

      So nice of you ! Thanks for watching and feedback

  79. catfishstar

    and why are the buffalo having a revolution?

  80. Darrnell Lucas

    Show me the power of your bonus NG.

  81. romit sharma

    Ng play sky riders slot machine

    1. NG Slot

      I will when go vegas my local casino has only 1c denom !

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