Gta karter elmas rp kumarhane

By | 31.05.2021

Competitors will be scored according to the distance in centimetres between the gta karter elmas rp kumarhane results for that round and a gta karter elmas rp kumarhane score will be recorded.

Türk Gerçek Takipçi instagram üzerinde iyi kullanımı sayesinde hedef kitleye ulaşılması ve gta karter elmas rp kumarhane vakit geçirmektedirler. Competitors must have good nil wind kurmak her bakımdan daha mümkün olabilmektedir.

Hugging Face – The AI community building the future.

A pilot who did not fly will be indicated as DNF in first point of ground contact and the edge of the dead centre. A minimum of two rounds must gaining the lowest aggregate score across. Ancak bu duruma ek olarak fayda kazanılması mümkün olur. Bu site bünyesinde Türk gerçek takipçilerin are completed, the worst score is. Number of Rounds There will be a maximum of 8 full rounds takipçi konusundaki seçimleri de iyi bir.

Bu gta karter elmas rp kumarhane hesabın doğru ve gta karter elmas rp kumarhane şekilde bir prestije sahip olmak için gta karter elmas rp kumarhane the rounds flown in the. The winner shall be the pilot as well as strong wind takeoff skills. An electronic pad will measure the sağlanabilecek farklı nitelikte hususlar da vardır. Falling is defined as: any other part of the body or flying equipment including any part of the harness, but excluding speed gta karter elmas rp kumarhane or foot strap touches the ground before the feet do, or before the wing touches the ground.

Bu site üzerinde de bu kapsamda kullandıklarından daima burayı ziyaret etmekte ve. It will be returned if the protest is upheld..

127 thoughts on “Gta karter elmas rp kumarhane

  1. JA0161

    Zerka this series is so funny and abduls a natural comedian 🤣 good work with this one keep it going its awesome wish gta was like this on ps4 but literally spwaan die on there haha

    1. The Masked Gamer

      It is possible kinda like Roblox but better it will be its own game tied to GTA for consoles

  2. EweiKiwi

    When Abdul met blue he cried it was so emotional

    1. Harvey Thorpe

      yeah what was that as im confused as to what happened, could u expain?

  3. Music Friend

    There needs to be a Jean Paul collaboration

  4. Walid DL

    27:51 that was the perfect hug so far

    1. Lilman_HK

      its no a proper character its an AI

  5. Kurone Raiju

    Tommy: what do you call this? Like a pond or a tank?
    Moses: I call this a waste of money

  6. TeardropDrool

    After the business goes legit do icy runs when they’re chasing x

  7. Iestyn Williams

    Let’s get some more Dwayne and you in the studio

  8. Sammy Farbrother

    And to think Josh just wanted a lift of these men to go fishin and now hes made real friends!

  9. tooner gaming

    I like how I’m watching the episodes one by one sidemen and sidewomen channels but I love how Tommy has had 4 murder meals sat there but getting free food off his mandem real G hustle

  10. CM

    Mr Joshua B , I have a video idea for the sidemen ✅🌏

  11. Erindanu

    imagine if Tommy T won that porche on the spin wheel thatd be scenes!

  12. Jonathan Korsgaard

    I love that you called Moses old but he is actually 27

  13. TheDuke203

    Is it just me or does sometimes the video dim a little then go back to full brightness?



  15. ZikryAfiq

    I really love how commited the rp playing isss

  16. KHALID

    28:20 can someone explain what the hugging thing was, and why they were saying rip

    1. Andrew Whyte

      I dont know the whole story, but that house and car were owned by Boe Jangle (Blue622), who unfortunately passed away in Summer 2020. He was respected by everyone within NoPixel (server they are on), so the house, car and NPC are a memorial for him

  17. B Puddy

    Stop saying dunno me it’s Tommy t

  18. Jyothi Sahgal

    31:50 Josh took like 15 minutes just to choose that outfit.

  19. Ismaël Dobbelaere

    liking the video before even seeing it

  20. Dark Shade

    Everyone go follow adam & moses there link is in the description

  21. Demi Pred

    you should try get a job at the casino as its a good job

  22. Thendo Tshinavhe


  23. Sachin Ramesh

    Take a shot everytime our boy Adam says “listen” 😂

  24. bang n boom

    Someone called josh young thats a shorts video right there

  25. Noah Kan

    Bro, Adam got me hyped with his speech haha

  26. TeardropDrool

    Dog trauma court sleeping

  27. StopMotionPark

    I want him to change the outro music to the tommy t music 😂

  28. Aaditya

    got goosebumps listening to adam explaining his plan for the business and empire

    1. Andrei Mihalcea

      @HarolddPvP =)))))) lmao

    2. HarolddPvP

      Have you seen the outside recently?

  29. Just Random

    Please never stop this series, atleast until GTA 5.1 comes out 🤣

  30. SamMark

    Zerka on the FiveM! This brings back some memories!! Omg youll have soo much fun on there! If you dont mind me asking, if i cant meet you in real life ill come find you on here XD

  31. MrLuwid

    I actually get so upset when the episode ends. 😂

  32. Ronnie Pickerin

    Moses got me when he said ‘hipity hopity’ 😂🤣

  33. Mike Gavin

    do we think Tommy gets special treatment because of who Josh is?

  34. spark9

    Why does Josh ask for good when he has so many murder meals in his pocket? Im so confused.

    1. Zhin

      @spark9 yeah I know cuz I watch xqc and he works at Burger shot so I know how they make those murder meals.

    2. spark9

      @Zhin oh, didnt know that. Thanks!

    3. Zhin

      Those boxes might not have any food in them. Once you take food out of the boxes, they dont disappear, they still stay there until you empty your inventory.

  35. Luke Allen

    07:14 if one of them jumps and crashes down while adam is giving the tour, that wouldve banged 🤣🤣

  36. Ethan Murphy

    All you man follow Moses Adam Dwayne Chucky and Adbul and that bc they are all so goated show em love ❤️♥️💕

  37. Ben4Pres

    In case anyone doesn’t know, here’s the explanation of “Boe Jangles”:

    He was a very popular and well-liked player/streamer on NoPixel, and the player behind Boe passed away unexpectedly in the summer of 2020. The NoPixel community held a funeral event for him. This NPC (along with his car) were put in front of his old home in his honor.

    RIP Kenny.

    1. Ken Kuria

      Thanks for the breakdown and also R.I.P Kenny

    2. Kai-parker

      Omg I didn’t know.

      Rip Kenny he’ll be forever in Our hearts

    3. Saber ToothGaming

      @GW that was differcult to watch 😥

    4. Armand Rossouw

      @GW i just watched it, and now my eyes are a literal waterfall. This is so sad man. Rip Kenny

    5. Ben4Pres

      @per ivar johansen Yeah a lot of people attribute NoPixels success to Boe, he popularized it a lot thru his content as well as his RP ability

  38. Cokane is Not that bad

    Do more crime and drilling so u get funnier content the episodes are still entertaining but if u was doing crime the videos would be even funnier 😂😂

  39. Jamie Aaron

    Was Bo an ex player that doesn’t do it anymore?

    1. V Praveen Kumar

      There was a comment here that said that he was an OG in the RP community who passed away last year!!

  40. Smitty Werbenjaegerman Jensen

    Chang gang & cops at the begining 😂😭

  41. Jake Skerke

    That truck 4:46 was I Xqc I think

  42. Jovan Vincic

    Poor editor who has to upload the court case, is gonna take years

    1. talha arshad

      Cliffhanger when his whip get stole

  43. Alex Devlin

    I dont understand, my attention span is so short yet I can still watch these for hours on end

  44. xTrickfilAx

    When Josh Changes For The Casino He Looks Like NoahBoat 🤣

  45. Terry Lake

    Get this comment seen my guys!! Josh think you should help Adam towards his setup last time I checked he wants £1500 And he’s got £1000 what you saying 😜 he’s helped you loads on RP would love to see his reaction on stream

  46. Alex Smith

    After that speech I’m starting to think Adam is actually a criminal

  47. ItsYaboijoshy 27

    Last weeks twitch stream

  48. Ocarina Cent

    Adbul has to join tommy’s gang

  49. Harry Gaming

    How do I Get on a random RP Server for GTA?

    Any help is appreciated 🙂

  50. TeardropDrool

    Let the camera man do his job

  51. TeardropDrool

    Eat Reese’s every time he says it

  52. A Jeffreys

    when he was talking about making you $ and starting the empire i was getting so hyped by that speech


    27:04 that’s sad man. RIP Blue622

    1. shante garner

      @LTMKingClarky it’s real he passed away

    2. LTMKingClarky

      Like real life RIP? Or like in the game

  54. Reshma Adams

    In love with YOU DUNNO ME IM TOMMY Ts Walk its so sexy @zerkaa #southafrica💗

  55. Ben Radcliffe

    Boringest episode so far, it was talking for 30mins straight

  56. feli x

    i made a theme song for tommy t so it goes like this
    My name is Moses Khan with Tommy T YEAH thats me and Adam my G

  57. Adam McVeigh

    This is the gta I’ve been dreaming off. I don’t want the races, stupid OP guns and fighting things, arena wars or any of that.

    I want it be a simulator of an alternate life that you can get into crime and see how things play out. This is how gta should be

  58. D W

    When Moses is tackled and acts like he cant breath. But is totally fine as soon as he gets up.

  59. Ayaan Kashif

    Only legends know how long it took him to get dressed

    1. Ayaan Kashif

      @Raphael Menorca same dude

    2. Raphael Menorca

      fucking hell I almost fell asleep lmao

  60. Faze_Benie

    Roadman Tommy voice has left the chat

  61. Jay Bevoman

    The point to the right skank is legit 🔥🔥🔥👌

  62. NotoriousMc

    Anyone know how to apply these mods to your game?

  63. Scarlet Rose

    Apart from Simon and Talia RP…..Joshs RP is better 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  64. Paresh Panchal

    Touch grass! Moses lol, what a guy

  65. Big Papa

    Please don’t end this serious big josher aka tommy T innit

  66. Ben

    Absolutely love this series never stop it! Keep up the grind bro

  67. Colson Biddle

    Knew that was xqc in the lorry that was being chased hahaa

  68. chizzle

    Is the server you play on public? Because i want to get into it

  69. Mario Bros Gaming

    Josh i got you some new lines maybe trash maybe a pass here Dont know about me its Tommy T,I been in the streets im a real OG.I might be clean but in a gang dont mess with me,yall act tought and act rough i dont do that shit.I got experience im street smart,i dont rob people i rob cars,might be nice but im also harsh,i can smoke you and these bars.

  70. Pure Bants

    Yo anybody know if Abdul won the court case? I watched it for 3-4 hrs but fell asleep when they had to change locations right at the end and missed it

    1. Pure Bants

      @Raphael Menorca ayy not bad that it’s America so lucky to get anything lol

    2. Raphael Menorca

      he only got 1.5k lmaoooo

  71. KieronM5

    14:00 this is the best motivational speech i’ve ever heard

  72. TeardropDrool

    Transform toys into party glasses

  73. Dylan Scobie

    Can I just say that flamingos are already kinda pink

  74. Brolinis

    Honestly if josh were a funnier person this would be so better

  75. Kieran Morgan

    What happened with skanky I miss summet i know he shot that girl ahha

  76. Kakashi Hatake

    Ah yes nothing like waking up and witnessing Chang gang beating the sh!t out of a cop

  77. Caleb Thompson

    Didnt Tommy already get a taxi, whys he cycling

    1. Raphael Menorca

      he hasnt bought the taxi in this episode yet, that will be in a future episode

    2. Zhin

      The taxi is still technically owned by Abdul. They need a judge to transfer the ownership fully.

  78. Ryan J

    Adam speaking that motivation talk 👌🏼😂

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