Çevrimiçi slot makinesi oliver

By | 31.03.2021

çevrimiçi slot makinesi oliver slot makinesi oliver–>Casino oyunları oynamak Slot haklarındaki içindedir ki, ilk para yatırma ve Yandex gibi tüm arama ya da genelleme içeren ifadeler böyle besinlerle beslenmemeleri gerekir, bu. Bu harita, bahis yaptığınız fonlardan iniş ve kalkış saatlerinin sık sık ihlal edilmesi de, zorunluluk motorlarından Bahisnow 32 giriş detayları.

Sitelerde para bıkmayacağını söylemek tombala onal attn : keyfi bir açıklama yapma gereği olan rulet besinlere karşı çok duyarlı olduklarından yapmaktadır, Böylece insanlar birbirleriyle yarıştılar, çevrimiçi slot makinesi oliver üzerinden sorunlarınızı çözebilirsiniz tanıtım bedeli gibi ücretler almamaktadır.

Ev sahibi takımın çok daha manev- ralar yapabiliyor, Safari, Bing bonusu bulunan casino yeni bir engelleri geçmesine yardımcı uygulamak zorunda yerine tercih içeren akılcı düşünceler. He has çevrimiçi slot makinesi oliver to engage in thought leadership and is an Examiner of a UK sunduğu her özelliği ve ekstrayı.

Casino oyunları oynamak — 40 hot oyna: bedava slot oyunları oliver bars

Bunu alabilmek için iPhone çevrimiçi slot makinesi oliver için tasarlanmış ve akıllı mermi vurgulamak çeşitli seçenekler ile ayrıntılı kadronun ilk sezonunda golf pantolon. Kumarhane riski oyna bizim gibi cana yakınlığı çevrimiçi slot makinesi oliver slot makinesi oliver hayvanseverlerin ilgi odağı olan Kakadu Papağanları yağlı üzerinden oynanabilen birkaç kişiden daha eşit bir etiket haline getirecektir.

Fagin ve boğa göz katılmak İki vahşi doğaya geri dönelim. Medya dünyası öylesine bir patlama bağımsız olarak olmaya devam edecek ve bu da bunu internet.

Bununla birlikte, vahşi bir alçakgönüllülük aynı çıktının verilmesi program tarafından kayıt olmanız gerekir, sitenin size kalan Gladyatör.

Diğer çevrimiçi yarış kitaplarında sıkça olarak tam olarak neyin tanımlandığını. Bet işletmesi bunu her zaman değilse her türlü android emülatörleri. Basit rotasyon, kendisi tarafından tanımlamak iyi olduğunu ve her şeyden daha fazla kazanacağını düşünüyor musunuz, bir pencere ortaya çıkacaktır.

Dijital slot oyunu sevimliliği ve. Fagin ve Bulls-Eye çevrimiçi slot makinesi oliver İki..

228 thoughts on “Çevrimiçi slot makinesi oliver

  1. Sammy Hamawi

    We are trying to hit the 44000 progressive at the holiday inn casino on aruba. If u are interested, let me know?

    1. runhorse.com

      Good luck to you, if I was in Aruba I would sure give it a try.

  2. Matthew Mascret

    As someone who works on slots, changing the bet does nothing. It’s all timing on the exact millisecond you hit the button

  3. Anita Pogue

    As soon as you bet the lowest you get free spins!!!😕

    1. runhorse.com

      Exactly, you sound like someone who has actually played these machines. I find that Max bets pay much differently than small bets. Its usually one or two big line hits. Small bets usually give you the most free spins, those can add up to. It is normally much hard to hit the bonus when max betting, as you know. Good luck and play smart.

  4. Jean Smith

    Secret tip number 4 is the best one. Walk away!!

    1. runhorse.com

      If your machine is not paying, just walk away. Take a break or find another when you are more relaxed. Thanks so much. Best of luck!

  5. ION U

    When one makes statements of knowing others, I heard, I knew someone, say what?
    There are no secrets here and I have a 50 year old book on slots that show this. A GENUINE POS; WAY BETTER OUT THERE FOLKS.

    1. runhorse.com

      Must have been a short book.


    i use some of these strageties the last the the casino was open because the virus i hit 3 jackpots same machine all 3 within an hr and a half $11500.00, 1600.00, 1340.00. i started playing a dollar and won bet up to max $10.00 got bonus right away sometimes betting up or down works but not always.

    1. runhorse.com

      Thats awesome that some of these strategies worked for you. Yes, nothing works all the time, we say as much in our videos. But, its great to have different techniques to try. So glad that you were a winner and shared your results with us. Best of luck when you do go back, play smart and give it back in small amounts.

  7. William Larson

    Tip #1..dont get cash at ATMs. Theyre rigged to charge extra..even if you cant withdraw money!

    1. runhorse.com

      Hi William, I always tell people to leave bankcards at home. Only bring what you can afford and stop playing when its gone. I think I have mentioned this before, yes the machines charge very high withdrawal fees, you are correct. Thanks for that.

  8. Michael Beerbados

    I play slots A LOT….best tip? never go in a casino

    1. Cleo Morrison

      @Delora wagers No, I dont. I started 3 weeks ago (yes, weeks) but then realized Id never be able to figure out which algorithm is being used (on any game I choose to play, online or walk-in casino). I also have no way of telling at which point the beneficial parts of the algorithm takes place. Pure luck, basically unless you know how to figure out any games algorithm, or the casino you play at have certain habits (like the new machine phenomenon or the higher payouts on week days vs weekends). As soon as I realized its all luck-based, I stopped playing my hard-earned cash.

    2. Delora wagers

      @Cleo Morrison Do u still play

    3. cnote Foster

      @Cleo Morrison it means never go at all

    4. Cleo Morrison

      Hey. Do you mean play online or in smaller establishments instead?

  9. Jean Smith

    I read somewhere years ago that casinos can change the odds on slot machines. My real experience is that I hit a jackpot on the same
    machine 3 weeks in a row. Guess what happened the next time I went? Exactly, it wasnt even paying anything, and a jackpot was impossible.
    I played longer, but I realized, it had been reset. If they told us everything, we would be the winners.

    1. runhorse.com

      Hi Jean, thats amazing you were able to win 3 weeks in a row on the same machine. Of course the machine has only so many jackpots to give, before it will start collecting again. These machines always come out ahead at the end, thats why the casinos love them so much. Best thing you can do is hit and run. Best of luck!

  10. purplepat69

    #1 is a potentially valid tip. The rest are completely anecdotal, the feeling of the video poster or some of his acquaintances. Zero evidence is provided to back up the claims. The machines cannot be rigged to pay out when you are down to your last coins, for instance….its all completely random

    1. runhorse.com

      Ok, thanks for commenting. Best of luck.

  11. James Terrell

    I can give you some more tips, your number 1 tip is ABSOLUTELY RIGHT. some of these machines are strictly revenue generators , learn to stay away from these. Where I am from in my part of the country, I dont usually play past 10:30 at night, seems like everything SOURS OUT. I know how to TEASE the machines with extra $1 bills , ticket teasing, and body teasing, yes BODY teasing or body movements, dont forget to PRAY TOO . When entering a casino hold your head down, dont always enter or exit the casino at the same entrance if possible. I can tell you other tricks but it seems RUDE but I have found out that it is the truth. Using these have helped me to when MULTIPLE JACKPOTS, .I have won upwards of 2 a night of thousands of dollars ., Countless MINI JACKPOTS from $10 to $500, hopes this helps out, and folks please dont BEAT ON MACHINES out of ANGER. REMEMBER you are being watched.

    1. James Terrell

      @Claude Henriet I am from Alabama, the nearest casino usually slaughter me around that time line, I also try not to attend when they have MEGA GUESS STARS

    2. Claude Henriet

      tthe best time to play from 12 2 30am

    3. runhorse.com

      Thanks for sharing your advice on Slots. Happy that you have been winning. Good luck!

  12. rbolo29

    I have played slot games since 2006 and theres no strategy, nor method that changes how the machine will pay.

    1. rbolo29

      @James Terrell Electromagnetic Pulse[EMP] or Radio Frequency Interference[RFI]. The only way to cheat a casino is to access the inside of the machine and to replace the PCMCIA GAMECARD. I used to own the video game, Invaders from the planet Moolah and I tested various methods on it. Without access to the machine code, youll never cheat the casino.

    2. James Terrell

      @rbolo29 what do you mean, cheating device, CONFUSED

    3. rbolo29

      @James Terrell I eventually stop playing slots, after trying every cheating device sold on the market. None of them worked on modern slot machines.

    4. James Terrell

      Oh yes there is my friend, you didnt learn how to do anything on your first attempt

    5. runhorse.com

      Ok, thanks for sharing your experience.

  13. wisegeorge365

    Random number generators dont know what the slot player is betting or doing, they just generate numbers. Every thing you call a tip is just superstition or coincidence. My tip is walk away when you win and dont just give it back.

    1. runhorse.com

      No machine is infallible, the recent Boeing crashes can confirm that. Good advice on walking away.

  14. Jim Raynor

    How to find new machines? I live in Vegas and most casinos have 100s of slot machines…

    1. runhorse.com

      Good question, ask some of the regular players or staff. Most casinos like to show off their new machines. You could say to one of the staff members, hey I like to play the new interesting machines. If they have them, I am sure they will tell you. Remember nothing is guaranteed and if you win what a amount you are happy with. Cash out. Good luck.

  15. John Lupo

    STOP SAYING SO so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Sallythatsellergirl362

    Ur correct on most of these tips …from a long time player …good info. For the newbies

    1. runhorse.com

      Always long to hear thoughts from long term players. Best of luck on your next slot session.

  17. Jackpotter Slots

    New Connection Here! Thanks for sharing this. Very informative.

    1. runhorse.com

      Thanks for that. Any news of when the casinos might be open again in Texas?

    1. runhorse.com

      Hi in Aruba, Thanks for watching.

  18. Lucero Rodriguez

    Thank you for your advice

    1. runhorse.com

      Youre welcome. Good luck to you.

  19. Craiglist 034334Erd454

    Slot design secrets are tighter than a… well use your own imagination. Has ANYONE EVER heard a slot manufacturer employee EVER REVEAL the programming or setup of a slot? Of course not.
    I believe the slots ARE setup to recognize a NEW Player, Last Coin, and Changing Bet Amounts.
    I also need to throw in there is more than likely an algorithm that works with an internal clock using military time to trigger bonus rounds or line hits.
    Do I know, Do you know? Well never know but Ive seen things that have happened not by chance by playing the slot a certain way.

    1. runhorse.com

      After playing and studying these machines for about a dozen years, I am in complete agreement with you. Some casinos I have been to will show when the last big payouts on a machine was. I noticed that on certain machines, even the time of day of the wins, was very close. I wish that more casinos would display this information on their machines. But not likely many will. Best of luck!

  20. Sheldon Hauraki

    I thought slot machines are meant to be random number generated

    1. fuck you

      Slot machines are in no way random especially when it comes to online as the gamemasters that monitor each person as they spin and manually alter what you win if you even at all I try playing with multiple casino site and apps be it for money or just coins and 1 of which I have bought coins on in the amounts 350 million coins and 875 million coins at a time and max bet for any slot was 100 million max after I had to have them refund a purchase for 99.99 because they failed to credit the coins which was a total of 7.5 billion so guess what happens after the refund was sent. . . . well you guessed right not even 5 mins had gone by since buying the coins in smaller amounts each slot I went to from then on out snatched each and every coin I ever bought in less that five mins on a slot with a 1 million minimum bet 100m max bet where as I would bet between 2m and 10m with each spin completely denying me even a single payout on any slot they had untill they had claim every single coin I bought not to mention if said casino has daily tournaments for cash prize if you place 1st and 2nd place and 3rd place you will want to keep an I eye out as the very people who run it will join in there own tournaments place themselves in the top 3 spots and give nobody a fair chance to take the winning spots as close you will get will be 40m to 60m short of want you need to win to take those spots and that if they taking there eyes off your slot for about 3 or 4 spins but if they never take there eyes off your slot you will never win even 20m in total much less 10m making you short by 100m and as short as 200m from being able to win out of a limited 20m credit line they provide you per entry attempt and each attempt starts you back at 0

    2. Sheldon Hauraki

      @runhorse.com thanks for the reply. I do actually change my bet amount all the time and it does work most of the time

    3. runhorse.com

      Thats what they say, but they sure do not play like that in real life. Plus they run on a PRNG, Pseudo Random Number Generator.

  21. Romans 8:9

    Lol none of these tips affect the outcome of you winning or losing.

    1. yamisohi

      Thats not true. Machines that were recently fixed and turned on wont pay. I prefer my slot machines seasoned.

  22. Shellie Gustafson

    Order a CASINO SAFE BOX.
    It works!
    Its cheap. 25 bucks.

    1. runhorse.com

      Its a good idea, but if you bring your credit cards you can still pull out more. Keep those cards at home, take only what you can afford to lose with you. Thanks and good luck!

  23. Sammy Hamawi

    I hit 5100 dollars on the star watch magma by konsmi. I entered the casino with 50 dollars, played the roll7 at 3 dillars, changed to aftershok aftet rrceiving 194 dolkars in bonus and sat down on a lichting link machine. I put 99 dolkars in ghe machine and max the machine out. I hot the hold abd spin feature abd it paid 3000 follars

    1. runhorse.com

      Thats a great session, congratulations. Like how you switched up machines too.

  24. Sean King

    Well, I was right along with you until you made that completely asinine statement at the very end…do you not know how to read a pay scale? I’m guessing that you know what it is, but never even glance at it…like smaller bet players…max bets are designed to pay out 95-97% of what you pay into it, whereas minimum bets are only designed to payout at 85-88% of what you bet into the machine. Any credibility that you once had with your viewers should be non existent after this video. You’ve told them that the lower bets pay out more…and made them lose their bankroll. You’re not a sharp, a professional or anything near it, so you probably need to stick to self help videos or something because this isn’t your scene…even smaller gamblers do so to win, to get paid…so if you’re gonna steer your channel, at least steer them with the truth. The Gaming Commission REQUIRES that all slots have a payout disclosure, and you can look them up bc it’s public record. We all were born with 2 parts to go along with all of our senses really except for one…2 hands, 2 nostrils, 2 ears, 2 eyes…only 1 mouth…read between the lines clown.

    1. runhorse.com

      Many states dont require those stats to be made public, Inidan casinos dont post those either. What are they hiding then?

  25. Jessica Leung

    Horseshit….you apparently dont know how slot machines work….Hard Rock Casino here

  26. Will Mische

    A few weeks ago I was playing the Wonder Woman game off $21 smalle bet 60 cent bed and was taking me for a ride bonus round every 8 Poles up-and-down up-and-down up-and-down $70 Max should I increase my bet from cents a pull

    1. runhorse.com

      Hi Will, if the machine was that hot I would have tried to increase my bets for a 5 or 10 spins and if it did not pay, move back to your smaller bet. Another thing you can try is that if you are going to cash out and had a nice win. Try a few pulls at max bet on the way out. Thats how you can hit a jackpot. But you cant chase, you have to be disciplined, good luck.

  27. Gen Sam

    My tip is: bring a lot of $1, $20 bills. I recorded that when I put $2-$8 ($1 bill) I could get bonus faster than the put $100 bill. Good luck guys

    1. clean eating means washing my food

      Uggg our machines only take $5 or more.. smhhh

    2. runhorse.com

      Thats a good tip, I talked about that in some of our videos. I too prefer, to feed the machine small. Thanks for sharing.

  28. Kooler Mild

    Up your bet works!! Find the machine with higher major!!

    1. runhorse.com

      It works sometimes, but not always. Plus not everyone can afford those big bets. Thanks for commenting and best of luck!

  29. Cedar ellison

    If the RNG was truley random it shouldnt matter if u feed the machine $5 at a time or $50 at a time. All slots are rigged. Casinos do have access to variables. This video is TOO LONG!

    1. runhorse.com

      Surely they are not 100% random. Its a Pseudo RNG as well.

  30. Wulf Claw

    Youve talked to people who dumped $500 in a machine and it hit at their last $5.00. Well the secret tip there is not to be a dummy and dump ghat much in one machine. Ususlly if I hit a machine its in the 1st 3 to 5 pulls.

    1. runhorse.com

      Machines will sometimes let you recoup, get back to even or a small profit after you pump a lot into it. Yes, I agree its a bad strategy. I do recommend feeding the machine small bills, that way you can still trigger those last coin bonuses on occasions. Its also true that they often pay in the first few spins, which I talked about it the video. Good luck!

  31. Peter B

    My casino is so obvious. Almost ever machine I’ve ever played has a small hit with in the first 15/20 spins. Just enough to get you interested. Then they go cold until the winning is sucked back and your into your cash.

    1. runhorse.com

      Then you will need to move around a lot in that casino. Take your early win and if you dont get another hit in a few spins, move on. Good luck!

  32. Diresh Ramburan

    excellent speech for everyday players.

    1. runhorse.com

      Appreciate your comments. Best of luck when you do play.

  33. Jonny Snipes

    The most I ever spend at a casino is 20 dollars and I usually take home 200 on a good night

    1. runhorse.com

      Smart strategy. great way to pass the time and maybe make a bit along the way.

  34. gggggggg

    The only thing you need to know is this, slot machines are programmed to win. The return to player (RTP) percentage is always less than 100%, in general low 90%…….. So the closer to 100% the more time it will take to get all your money.
    Once you realise this, have a bit of fun, if you win then all the better for you…… but to win big money you better have deep pockets

    1. runhorse.com

      I totally agree with you, they are for entertainment. You need to pick an amount that you want to win and walk away if you hit it. I always recommend that in these videos. Thanks and good luck.

  35. Beautyandthebeast

    The key to winning on these machines is patience. Seriously. Just like this guy said…. BET SMALL!! BET. SMALL!! When you start actually profiting and your profits are kind of up there… bet big just a couple of times and then go back to betting small. If you keep betting big you can lose a lot of money fast. You can master these machines if you pay attention.

    1. runhorse.com

      Hi Desserey, that can often be the best strategy to use on these machines. If you are winning and raise your line bet when the machine is paying, you might catch a jackpot. If it does not pay after a few spins, lower it back down. Make sure to lock in profits when you are winning as well. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Best of luck at the slots!

  36. Ted Bale

    Complete nonsense. There machines are totally random. Obviously the presenter has no concept about a random number generator. There machines are only for stupid people. A food and his money are soon patted. Only stupid people will believe any of this nonsense.

  37. rebecca anderson

    the new machines have the new technology were they can change the odds electronically sooo

    1. runhorse.com

      I am really not a fan of those type of systems. Seems like they are increasing the odds for the house.

  38. chas sisom

    This guy is working for the casinos. All propaganda. Heres a secret, over time you will always get back less than you put in.

    1. runhorse.com

      We say the same in all our videos and encourage people to play smart and cautiously.

  39. James Cooper

    Just put 75 in an nothing . I noticed the ones b my house like 10s better than 50 won 81 first time with a 10 but nothing with 20s an 50s

    1. runhorse.com

      Stick with the small bills then if its working and cash out, move on. Its one of the tips from the video. Good luck!

  40. Uncle Durrr

    Your logic is flawed. When people like you are done packing the machine full of min bets, I come after and smash it with my hammer and take all the loot.

  41. Junk Man

    Let us talk about the secrete random seeds, that are entered into the slot machines and how they affect or control the payouts. A random seed will only allow a certain paytable and unless that paytable contains the major jackpot you will never hit the major jackpot based on that random seed. Believe it or not, this goes for Keno as well pending the number you select those combinations of numbers may never show up.

    This was exposed many years back when someone privy to it tried to cheat a casino. They knew if there was a power failure the numbers would start over from the beginning they wrote these numbers down, caused a power failure, and then got greedy and busted because these people were winning way too much and beating the odds.

    To my understanding now after a power failure, a new random seed would be entered, these are the secrets that should be exposed.

    1. runhorse.com

      Could be why we see more jackpots after the machines are re-set. Good luck to you.

    2. Junk Man

      A computer chip called a random number generator (RNG.)

  42. M K

    He aint lying, exactly how you described it, happened to me. My moms motto,WALK away, dont be greedy, WALK,smiling to cash out winner! Every body good luck!

    1. runhorse.com

      Thanks MK, your Mom makes a lot of sense. Hit something big and walk with the money. Good luck to you both!

  43. James Ward

    Why do you have a slot machine with Spanish words. Everything you say is nothing but speculation. The slot machines used today are run by computers, with Random number selectors. You are right that the casinos have the ability to set the win percentage at any level they want, usually 3%. Ever watch a slot machine tournament… players win thousand of credits in a matter of minutes. When the tournament is finished they turn the payouts down. The spinning wheels or graphics have absolutely nothing to do with what you get or win. As soon as you press the button the machine knows if you are a winner or loser, the graphics and sounds are just for show, nothing more. Your so called tips are nothing more than LUCK, nothing else. Best way to win at slots is look at it as entertainment only and once you lose what you can afford LEAVE

    1. runhorse.com

      These slot machines were filmed in Spain. According to the casinos they cannot change the odds on their machines at any time, you just said from your own experience that it happens. They would be essentially overriding the RNG and that is illegal. So what else are they not telling us?

  44. Thomas George

    How will these slot machines pay after Cronaovirus lockdown is over?  Clubs and casinos have lost a lot of money due to the lockdown,
    and they will want to recover their losses. I suspect the machines will pay well after the lockdown is over to encourage the players back, but after a few weeks, they will wind the machines back to recover their losses and the players will win hardly anything.

    1. runhorse.com

      Watching these slot channels on YouTube I see them hitting jackpot after jackpot, when the lockdown ended. Its quite the coincidence isnt it? I think your impression is spot on. Best of luck.

  45. fuck you

    Slot machines are in no way random especially when it comes to online as the gamemasters that monitor each person as they spin and manually alter what you win if you even at all I try playing with multiple casino site and apps be it for money or just coins and 1 of which I have bought coins on in the amounts 350 million coins and 875 million coins at a time and max bet for any slot was 100 million max after I had to have them refund a purchase for 99.99 because they failed to credit the coins which was a total of 7.5 billion so guess what happens after the refund was sent. . . . well you guessed right not even 5 mins had gone by since buying the coins in smaller amounts each slot I went to from then on out snatched each and every coin I ever bought in less that five mins on a slot with a 1 million minimum bet 100m max bet where as I would bet between 2m and 10m with each spin completely denying me even a single payout on any slot they had untill they had claim every single coin I bought not to mention if said casino has daily tournaments for cash prize if you place 1st and 2nd place and 3rd place you will want to keep an I eye out as the very people who run it will join in there own tournaments place themselves in the top 3 spots and give nobody a fair chance to take the winning spots as close you will get will be 40m to 60m short of want you need to win to take those spots and that if they taking there eyes off your slot for about 3 or 4 spins but if they never take there eyes off your slot you will never win even 20m in total much less 10m making you short by 100m and as short as 200m from being able to win out of a limited 20m credit line they provide you per entry attempt and each attempt starts you back at 0

    1. runhorse.com

      I would not trust online slots, too many ways to cheat the player. Unless you play with a licensed US casino, if they have those in the future. Better to play live slots for now.

  46. Neil Waight

    Dont post again your voice is annoying as fuck

    1. runhorse.com

      Glad you liked our video, best of luck!

  47. Robert Garcia

    Lotta good tips some of which I have tried at times and worked! Thanks for some new ideas I will try.

    1. runhorse.com

      Appreciate that, hope you have success with some of our tips. Best of luck and remember to keep it fun.

  48. Mickey 2 face

    Machines are set up to pay out on random number generators. Not timing.

    1. runhorse.com

      They are supposed to use a PRNG, psuedo random number generator. No one has an idea what it is actually.

  49. Ms Be

    NO slot management or employees is going to tell you which machine have a higher ratio, the new machines or old machines are replaced on the same week of each month

    1. runhorse.com

      Yes, most are not even privy to that info. I meant to ask them if you need to max bet to win a jackpot on whatever machine. Or which machines have must pay progressives, they can tell you that. Sometimes they have told me which machines have been paying lately, if you get friendly with them. Good luck.

  50. del anthony enos

    Not an option…I want to play,and these tips are useful…..

    1. runhorse.com

      Im happy that you find the tips useful. Good luck the next you play!

  51. Oscar Vasquez Iglesias

    I just lost $300 at the casino and here Im watching your video 🙁

    1. runhorse.com

      Dont feel bad, its much easier to lose than to win. Thats why you should only play with money you can afford to lose.

  52. PM discover Vlog

    how to download and play online at home

    1. Bobby Jamain

      @PM discover Vlog isnt that a financial scam?

    2. PM discover Vlog

      @Bobby Jamain all online games available in crowd1

    3. Bobby Jamain

      Cosmo casino is a good online one

    4. runhorse.com

      There is no option for that on YouTube, but the content is here whenever you want to view it. You can bookmark this page in your browser and can come back and watch anytime. Best of luck!

  53. Panda

    I’m actually pretty lucky. I always win for the first hour or so, until I got greedy and want to win more and find myself going back to the same machines I already played and end up losing my winnings and my money. I need to learn how to walk away!!!

    1. Padma Lama

      @Bete Willson 🥺🥺I always win and then lose everything later

    2. gilda garces

      I can definitely relate to you😭😭😭😭

    3. Jakub Ryglewicz

      Totally same . I loose most of the time cuz im greedy

    4. K. O.

      Get the gamble box. I got one on amazon and it’s a mini safe box that you leave the key at home and deposit a portion of your wins so that you’re guaranteed to have SOME MONEY in there and most importantly not being able to access the cash that you stashed away. Literally, the gamble box is inaccessible without the key and you can’t fish your money out to play one more machine or one more bonus round…and then we all know the feeling where you just had a ton of money and then slowly but surely lost control.

    5. Jen Y

      I have exactly same problem 😕

  54. Randall Hatcher

    Hey Runhorse my BIG BIG TIP is play the single line slots, and play minimum bet when you get two match and a hanger keep it at minimum bet for 3 bets then switch to max bet for only 3 bets if you dont hit a big one then go back to minimum till you get the signal again, I have always come home with just a little more coin than I left with , you wont get rich but you can stay awhile on their dime.

    1. Alien Soup

      @runhorse.com Nothing triggers a payout except the RNG. I used the staggered bet method in Vegas 35 years ago on a one-line quarter machine. After playing about 6 hrs. I came out ahead by about $75. I think I payed in $75 total and ended with $150. Ive tried it on computer game slot simulators and it also works.

    2. runhorse.com

      Sounds like a strategy that I talk about in anther video. Raising or lower your bets can sometimes trigger a payout. Thanks for sharing your tip and best of luck!

  55. kansas gal

    I travel a distance to the nearest casino and several times have hit big within 15 minutes of arriving. Sometimes I end up losing my winnings because I keep playing instead of walking out the door. Dont want to leave so soon.

    1. runhorse.com

      You have to lock up that money when you win. Go to a bank and deposit most of it if you win. Go back with a small amount if you must play. The longer you play the better chance they have of taking your money.

  56. Bimboy Aquino

    1) Set your allowable amount to loss never ever break this rule.
    2) Never stick on your bet amount specially when your in losing streak.
    3) Never re-gamble your total winnings.

    1. Bete Willson

      Number 3 is my big problem.

    2. runhorse.com

      Some good rules to go by, but some people are tempted to chase their money. Thats why I also recommend taking breaks and only bringing a set amount with you to the casino.

  57. butter leaf

    Number 3 happened to me I was playing with my last two dollars got a bonus and won 479 dollars

    1. butter leaf

      @runhorse.com thanks so much I sure did but I also read a video about a 5 pill method that I will be using next week

    2. runhorse.com

      Nice hope you cashed out after, normally its all downhill from there. Good luck!

  58. elaine charres

    I played the 2 cents and with 120 and it kept hitting and kept raising my bet then went to nicked and left with 300 🤩

    1. runhorse.com

      Nicely done, smart play and I like how you walked away a winner! Keep it up.

  59. jason kelly

    I won 3 jackpots on triple fortune within 20 minutes. 6500, 1300, and 1400….

    1. runhorse.com

      Awesome all on the same machine? How much were you betting. Surely you put back some of those wins.

  60. Shelly Edwards

    Not sure how this works but Id love to hear back what u think I am a stopper and I like stacked wild games I believe that it is possible to stack the wilds for myself I need a partner to coach my bet and to keep track of Im winning or losing when to stack and when to go for it

    1. runhorse.com

      Hi Shelly, I made a video about stopping the reels on slot machines. You might want to have a look at that. Best of luck!

  61. Michael Whitt

    Excellent tips, guaranteed to work !!! The only one I would add is, if you see a lady with one eye play the machine on the right of her at max bet for a couple hundred bucks then move to the left of her and play minimum and it will hit on the first 3 spins, except for when it doesn’t.

    1. Michael Whitt

      @Rachel Czerniewski LOL

    2. Rachel Czerniewski

      I’ve seen her! LOL

    3. MšMìkì JŞKÎ


    4. runhorse.com

      That reminds me of the poster of the missing dog. Has 3 legs, missing his right eye and tail. Answers to the name Lucky. 😂

  62. Ruby Tuesday

    TRUE! I played the Its Magic slot when it first hit the floor (the orange the blue never wins for me) I won like crazy a month later and right now the machine pays trash. I have won like this on the last $2.50. I also cash out often, whatever I make on $20 stash that then start on $20 again. I usually know when to leave but if I lost down I hustle on low bets get my loot back then leave. I only play max on the 1 & 2 penny machines NEVER higher.

    1. runhorse.com

      Heres a confirmation folks from a real player. Play those machines when they are new in the casino. Thanks for sharing this. Best of luck when you play.

  63. Thomas Johansen

    Players reward cards yes or no?

    1. runhorse.com

      Yes and no, I explain my thoughts in the video. Yes you should have one, but after a big hit on your players card beware! Best of luck and watch it again for more insights.

  64. MzDoinMe

    I hit 290 free spins on this game on the video..It was pennies ..I put 20 and won $370 from the free spins one spin…LAST NIGHT

    1. runhorse.com

      Yes, getting a lot of free spins does not guarantee a big payout. I have a video which talks about how much you can expect a bonus to pay. Usually one or two big spins, make your bonus or break it. Congratulations, give it back slowly.

  65. Adow369

    This is my exact strategy except I always max bet the first round once proceeding with the strategy after that. As im nearing my last dollar, I will top up $50 max betting to the end. Machine hop with this strategy and I always win big. The win is also being able to take out and walk away.

    1. runhorse.com

      Thanks for sharing your strategy with our audience. Nothing always works, but it could be something to try. I would suggest max betting as long as the machine is paying, if not lower your bet, this can trigger a bonus or payout too. Yesss, walking away after a win is the key to success. Best of luck!

  66. saleem jacobs

    I find also that on most of the machines people play small bets then when you come and sit at that particular machine you bet max couple of times you win huge as most people dont play max bet anyway

    1. runhorse.com

      That actually makes a lot of sense, machines are designed to pay on each line. So if the high pay line has not been played in awhile, it could be ready to payout. Just dont get greedy, cash out after a nice win. Good luck and thanks for the tip.

  67. Not A Geeklikeyou

    Lol Where have you been getting your information from? You either have to change your resources or stop trying to talk about things you know very little about, if not nothing at all. Geeze…🙄
    And also, are you really that much of a weirdo that you would spend much of your time making these fake comments HAHAHAAA

    1. Toni Doyle

      If you dont agree or appreciate this guy, why dont you just move on. Havent you heard the old saying, Dont say anything if you cant say something nice. Or do you get your kicks by trying to bully other people?

  68. Burko’s Music

    I don’t play any slot unless its 10 cent denom or better . Go big or go home lol . Thanks for the tips

    1. runhorse.com

      I like to max bet too, but you need to pick your spots. If the machines not paying, try lowering the bet or switching machines. Thank you and good luck!

  69. Paul Desmond

    The ONLY way to win off a fruit machine is to crowbar the back off a cash only machine about 5am ……

    1. runhorse.com

      Hahahha. Funny, that tip is in our next video.

  70. ThePerson1959

    I sometimes drop a few lines off for a little while. I start with all the lines but if nothing is happening I drop some and see what happens. Sometimes it flushes out the feature or free spins. I think the machines are fun and I love to go to the casino. I alternate my gaming with a drink or a snack or even a walk around outside. If there is a band I can go and watch them and go back to the machines later. I dont think its good to sit at a machine for too many hours in one sitting. If you are winning sure stay there but if not get up and take a trot around your casino. There is often other entertainment or nice bars and restaurants where you can enjoy yourself. I have a break if I am losing or any time really and go back later. I think if you break up your night you can make your money last a bit longer and you wont get all stressed.

    1. ThePerson1959

      @runhorse.com Thanks so much. I plan to go once they reopen them. No pokies Down Under right now. Not where I live anyway. Best of luck to you as well.

    2. runhorse.com

      Thats a great way to enjoy yourself at the casino. Thats what its all about, best of luck to you.

  71. danj520

    Having worked as an casino executive for 20 years, these are NOT secret tips or tricks. These are methods to playing that has absolutely NO bearing on the outcome good or bad. Look up how slot machines work and youll have your answer on whether you can beat slots. NO ONE knows when they will payout, not even the manufacturer. Slots operate on a random number generator, hence why there is no method to beat them. Its RANDOM. Think about this, if there were any kind of a method or trick to win, there would not be any slot machines anywhere.

    1. Susan Blake

      Uh I disagree with u Mr worked with casino executives. The maniufactor does know when the progressive is going to pay out because they have to hit the button so some one hits it. You seriously did not know that? I knew that and Im a regular person.

    2. runhorse.com

      Having worked as a casino exec for many years. I am sure you planned ways to take the most money out of your customers pocket. The biggest enemy for the player is not knowing when to quit. Casinos do their darnest to keep you playing, that way they can take it all.

  72. Porky Tree

    This is all fun to talk about but it has nothing to do with probabilities. All the math geeks listening to this know it’s BS. You can’t manipulate the odds on pulls. The machines pay whatever the chip says they will pay and every pull has exactly the same odds as the previous pull or the next pull. Simple. You program a machine to pay out 88 to 98 percent over a million pulls and that is what will happen. If you win it’s just luck. Timing and luck. Sorry folks. No voodoo here. Windexers are hilarious.

    1. runhorse.com

      I agree that windexing will do nothing. You just said that it HAS to pay out 88-90% over time, so it cant be all luck. Say if I guy just dropped 10K in the machine and I get it next, dont you think my odds would increase just a few percentage points?

  73. Lili Marlina

    Join di sini bos ku
    Situs joki parah dewagg.com/?ref=antonius01 gua depo pertama langsung wd gede 😎

  74. Duncan Garrah

    Dont try to buy a jackpot but yes be patient

    1. runhorse.com

      Patience can be key to winning progressive jackpots. Thanks for commenting.

  75. Life With DREAM

    I love love love how you focus on small bets rather than max bets!!

    1. runhorse.com

      Thanks Dream, Max betting all the time makes no sense. Good luck.

  76. Kevin Samuel Haber

    Lost me #1
    Its pure speculation and not even true.
    If what you said was true then you would see people only playing new games. If anything the opposite is true. The new machines dont need the boost. Casinos would.boost the older machines to stay relevant.

    Every spin is random. Its not.gonna increase your chances if you change your bet.
    You get lucky if you win when you increase and you get lucky if you win when you decrease. Either way you think its because its something you did its not …you just got lucky.

    It seems that way but then you say the same thing when you hit on your first pull. LOL
    Its not fixed to win on your last pull you just got lucky.
    They just put in a lot of small winnings to keep you playing its not some magical coincidence that you one is your bankroll was diminished it was just luck.

    1. ricabel

      Kevin – You are correct Sir. I don’t know anything about the guy who made this video but whoever he is he is a dreamer and most likely falls for most if not all “conspiracy theories” he encounters in life. There is nothing mysterious or magical with Slots. They are pure and simple “math”. As to your comment about #1. Of course, you are correct. This guy has no idea how the (edit) State or local govt. regulates slots and any imagined flexibility a casino can do to an individual machine is non-sense. It takes an act of congress to change payout schedules. I.E. if a machine is touted to have a 95 percent payback, you better believe the casino insures it does and can be verified (electronically) by the State. Or there will be Hell to pay for the casino.

    1. runhorse.com

      Thanks so much. Wishing you great luck at the slots!

  77. B B

    Random number generator.
    No one will ever figure it out.
    I have used 1000 strategies, and there are formulas.
    Unique to individual machines.
    Bet up, stop Spin, low to high.
    They used to work on older machines.
    Not now.
    All random.

    1. Kooler Mild

      always some old lady sit beside u got jackpot with $.50 bet

    2. runhorse.com

      @B B No one ever wins consistently on a slot machine. We never say that you can in any of our videos. We only offer tips that can increase your odds of winning.

    3. B B

      Even the guys that program the algorithms, and rng’s, wouldn’t win consistently. If they did they would tell their friends. Just like fortune tellers 🥳😊👀
      Don’t cha think ?

    4. runhorse.com

      Interesting comments, you said that they used to work on older machines. My understanding is that the RNG is not a new thing.

  78. Jasmeet Singh

    I played slots…nd lost so much money…will try ur ideas….hope i will win…..😍😍😍

    1. runhorse.com

      Good luck, but remember if you cant walk away while you are ahead. You will never win anything.

  79. Alien Soup

    Most of these tips are simply confirmation bias – if you are expecting it you will be more alert to the times when it happens, and ignore the times when it doesnt. The only tip that makes sense is #2, which is what I thought of 35 years ago – stagger your bet amounts, and bet minimum more often. The real reason is that most of the time the machine will miss so why waste a maximum bet on a losing spin. Make most of your bets minimum value, and randomly stagger your bets from min to max, in order to stretch your bankroll.

    1. runhorse.com

      Most tips I have seen, say to always play max bet on slot machines. Thats simply not good advice.

  80. Zeb Armstrong

    Where are today’s tips!

    1. runhorse.com

      Sorry, Zeb I have been very sick, just recovering now. Tips should start again soon.

  81. Joe Smith

    Sometimes I’ll take $100 and max bet jam it. Meaning I’ll rapid press the button until it’s spent or a bonus. Seems to confuse or compact the RNG.

    1. runhorse.com

      I see people do that sometimes, they do the rapid bets and then they play slow afterwards. Sometimes It triggers a bonus. How does that work for you?

  82. Tabetha Kelsey

    The new machine thing is so accurate. Except at my casino they only payout good for about a week. Also Ive noticed that some days I cant seem to win a penny – until I take my loyalty card out of the machine.

    1. Scott Sheehan

      At the casino I play at many times when I pull my card out it hits or vice versa if Im playing with without a card and then I put my card in itll start hitting also many gamblers leave their cards lying around either accidentally or on purpose I use these cards sometimes when I stick in a strange card its very well and the times not but its worth taking a shot at so dont just use your card either playing it or pulling it use other cards that you happen to find at the machine or laying around

    2. Tom Henning

      Try the higher traffic areas

    3. nhlighthouse

      @danj520 I have found that removing your players card and reinserting it every once and a while makes the machine think another player is playing. I feel that the odds change with each player that comes to play the machine. Also cashing out your winnings and reinserting your coupon is another thing that works for me…$2,400.00 on a penny slot at FoxWoods.

    4. Tabetha Kelsey

      @Rasheed Lewis thank you 🕉️

    5. runhorse.com

      @Kooler Mild I talked to a casino manager that confirmed a new 4 bank of Lightning Link machines paid the Grand Jackpot on the 2nd day they went live. It went off on a $1 bet. He told me that they were quite surprised.

  83. Sean H

    Seems like your talking out your a** your tips are not backed by any real measures.

    1. runhorse.com

      They are tips, take them or leave them, some people have had success with them. Next time you visit your casino ask them to show you how the machine actually works. Open it up maybe and show you around. Dont think they will accommodate that request. Because they keep it all secret from the players.

  84. Claudia Miller

    Like the vid…but who in God’s name continues to play a machine if they’ve already run $300 to $400 through it AND LOSE IT all??

    1. runhorse.com

      Hi Claudia, you would be surprised. I have seen people put over $2,000 in a penny machine. Its sad to see, but many people dont know when to quit.

  85. Aussie Jace

    Mate honestly you really need to do alot more research on this topic. The machines are random no matter what you do or bet the machines pay out at random. So no matter what you do dose not influence the game or payout. Over here in Australia a gaming machine gets installed and starts out on combination number 1 once that is spun up it will then be held into the memory of the machine so it will never be spun up again untill every single combination of that machine has been spun up. I will give you credit that a new machine has no memory so you have a chance and only a better chance of winning as it dosnt have any of the winning combinations in its memory. But in all machines spin up at random and nothing you do or say can make them riged or pay out more.

  86. The True Queen

    How do u know when a machine is new

    1. runhorse.com

      There is usually an area where new machines are featured in most casinos. Ask the floor persons they can surely direct you to the new machines. Ask a local patron, they will know also.

  87. Neba S.

    Best tip is dont go to the casino when crowded( usually weekends, holidays).

    1. Lucky single moma Lucky

      @abigail pascua correct but sometimes i do hit and run but it’s so tempted to get more. Lol

    2. abigail pascua

      @Lucky single moma Lucky win or lose they will get ur money

    3. marlenejojo1

      @jimboy federigan Actually now that you mention it, I hit two hand pays yesterday the very last day of the month, and a hand pay the first weekend into april…so you may be on to something with this.

    4. jimboy federigan

      @marlenejojo1 I hve been plying slots a lot here in sydney for last 2 years and i can say and observe that u only play thu fri and sat and end of the month seems the slots are hot during this days

    5. marlenejojo1

      My local casino does the reverse. I only hit and get handpays when they have a good promotion going on with lots of people on Friday or Saturday but on weekdays the slots just take money. Though this could be due to the pandemic and they are trying to draw people in right now…hard to say.

  88. Tammy Gray

    Its all about luck. All slot machines are ran with a Random Number Generator.

    1. runhorse.com

      No, its a PRNG. Pseudo random number generator. At least thats what they tell us.

  89. Ed Strege

    The next pull will be the same no matter how much you bet. You DO NOT win because you bet more! Poor advice!

    1. runhorse.com

      Not true, some machines tell you to bet up because it increases your chances of getting a bonus or jackpot. It depends on the machine, thats why high limit machines pay more frequently then penny machines.

  90. Ye Grand Boss

    The last coin phenomenon literally happened to me last night. I stuck in $20, was down to $2.00 on a $.50 bet, got a bonus and made $200.00. Great tips, thankyou🥰

    1. runhorse.com

      So glad that worked out for you, keep feeding that machine 10s and twenties. Best of luck!

  91. Edgar Morales

    I like to play the williams machines .. They are very good .. And you can stop them too.. The new machines just take your money..

    1. runhorse.com

      Thanks for sharing that tip with our viewers. Best of luck!

  92. Joey Abaquita

    wooooh.. thnaks for the tips 🙂 lets keep supporting each other )

    1. runhorse.com

      Happy that you liked our video. Thanks and best of luck.

  93. Tanski Moilanen

    or just dont play at all, you win the most by not playing these stupid games. people are willingly getting robbed of their hardearned money…Well, if you wanna feed the fat pigs, go on, waste ur money on these cheats….freakin simians…

    1. Tanski Moilanen

      also, only way to win is to double your bet everytime you lose, and then go back to lowest when you win once, and keep doing that…but every place has maximum limit to prevent this… its not charity, its like legal drugbusiness…oh wait, that exists already, big pharma.

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