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By | 31.12.2020

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106 thoughts on “Buz casino oyun kulübü

    1. Rebekah Jackson

      One of my favorite scenes!! Especially the way the shots synchronized with the music!!!

  1. Michelle Rahe

    Fun fact: that actor at 4:30 is the same actor that also played a hired soldier in the end of the Equalizer in the same year.

  2. Jeffrey Tackett

    I feel as though its commonly overlooked that landing that way with a formed holster, holding a pistol, in the small of your back, would be a great way to shatter vertebrae. Anyone who has ever sat down too quickly in a chair, while wearing their EDC in that spot can attest to the pain.

  3. MDFlorida

    Wick shooting guys in club: Sorry, weve reached occupancy.

  4. angusandleigh

    …when Neo was put back into the Matrix…they put him back as John Wick…just without the ability to fly etc….lol.

  5. Ouroboros612

    Ive always wondered how all villains can afford so many henchmen. Like here theres like 30 of them in that club alone. Regardless of how rich the bad guy is, thats one hell of an expense.

  6. miguel angel almada

    Como se llaman la canción del principio y la del minuto 2:37

  7. stemple11100

    *johns thoughts after being chucked off the balcony*

    Hmm… upgrades

  8. Ed M

    A movie where the protagonist is both the hero and the monster of the movie.

  9. Justin

    If John Wick is soo good/professional at killing then why did he miss the shots here? *2:05** someone explain please.*

    1. Rebekah Jackson

      Movie would be over… Then we wouldnt have that epic killing at the end😏

  10. Silphwave

    I watch this in one tab and in the other play M.O.O.N – Hydrogen

  11. Francisco Sebastian Pacheco Castillo


  12. Gunner Matthey

    If you are in love with this movie scene check out the game Hotline Miami

  13. David W

    2:46- such a cool little moment where he pushes the extra out of the way.

  14. Julian G

    Keanu Reeves owned this scene. His presence is chilling and he manages to invoke feelings of terror as though this were a horror movie.

  15. Franklin Joseph The

    I like how the last guy could beat John Wick, except he had one miscalculation:

    He didnt use his gun to finish him off

  16. Dee Tee

    2:42 one of my favorite parts of the whole movie

  17. ToTheMoon

    -Виктор, ты где блять?
    -Victor is dead…. У всего есть своя цена

  18. Thaddeus

    That moment at 1:43 that iosef knew his father wasn’t lying; the bogey man was here and he’s screwed

  19. Maryanna S

    I love the way the first song is so different from the fight scene and yet so perfect for it… And the bodyguard kill, its just perfect (chefs kiss)! The way John stares at him until the life is gone is just mesmerizing. Best kill of all the franchise 😍

    1. david monmousseau

      Merci beaucoup 😊

  20. Dorukhan Afacan

    The guy he fights towards the end is The Agent from The Matrix Reloaded.

    “That’s him. The anomaly.”

  21. levi

    nah cause this scene was so badass, i rewatched this movie 3 times in one week

  22. am NOOB

    0:54 this is the stare your mom gives when she catches u eating cookies out of the jar

  23. Pharoyar

    Ok, 60kilograma . . . but John Wick only killed 32kilograma. 😂🤣

  24. Aummind

    2:30 this is like a boss the music and john appears damn🔥🔥🔥🔥

  25. JC Kors0

    talking about scenes that has changed action cinema!!! this is one!!!

  26. James Remmers

    Dude! John wick resurrected Keanu! He was already my action hero! But to see him come back to this genre made me realize how iconic he is!

  27. Humbly-So Alejandro

    The boogeyman is coming!! Come back to this every few months, beautiful scene, everything about it

  28. BRsupercat

    POV your me and your recking your brothers freinds in games and hunting him down

  29. John Schexnayder

    Make a John wick game. Just do a hit man thing but with hand to hand combat. They can figure something out.

  30. Brusur Mombabske

    hes like Bruce Lee but with pistols and rifles.

  31. Amanda Martinez

    Hola alguien sabra como se llama la cancion

  32. Julian Kathmann

    One of the best and memorable uses of music in a movie. Perfectly executed – just like most of the bad guys in this scene

  33. James Bond

    Best action scene EVER.

  34. Zlajo Saiyajin

    1:51 beautiful kill very clean and perfect maked me gonna buy a gun

  35. Gadapa King

    Who came here to see H &K P30L ?

  36. Vince B

    Why is Alfie running like a crab this whole scene?

  37. Luis Hdez

    Chingona rola como se llama?????

  38. Mr.Incredi Venom

    This movie is how I would picture a solo deathstroke movie.

  39. Household

    Damn, who else noticed that both agents from Matrix Reloaded were in John Wick? Those are Agent Thompson and Agent Johnson, also there is a Key Master actor, its a doctor who healed John Wick after the shootout.

  40. ClydeBarksDale

    Fun fact, 500k of these views are from Joe Rogan 😂

  41. Mark Benedict Landingin

    All I know is that John wick has the worlds strongest spine

  42. I say whatever I want and you gotta deal with that

    This movie was so close to beating Baby Driver to the punch with synchronizing gunshots to the music

  43. Charleone

    color theory in this scene is insane lol

  44. YourfuckenDaddy bangbangmuthafucka

    0:55 so fucking savage looked him in the eyes as he fucken died

  45. Gumbo Reid

    Id like to see a fight between John Wick and MCUs Punisher (Jon Bernthal) itd be a wicked fight but it all comes down to Skill vs. Strength

  46. CalculusVariations99

    Bullets beat muscle 🙁


    honestly this is probably my favourite movie

  48. presofcamelot

    John clearly runs Dodge-Build

  49. Grady Keating

    Is that henchmen at the end the only one that kicks John’s ass? I don’t remember him dying later?

  50. Eldin Durgutovic

    Does anyone know the club in which this scene was shot?

  51. Kinos141

    5:54, Thats for calling me an Upgrade!

    If you know the reference, then you are a G.

  52. Bullet Strongholder

    john wicks universe is like shopping center everything has a price

  53. rpgdreamer

    At that point, if I was one of Viggos men and John wick was within the vicinity, Id just abandon my post and run.

    Id rather take my chances dying at Viggos hands than John Wicks.

    Risking my life for some punk is not worth it. The chances of surviving with the mob after you is higher than John Wick hunting you down. 🤣

  54. Neil Armstrong : Minutes Before Landing Colorized

    It’s nice that they all dress the same so Mr. Wick knows who to shoot.


    Stabbed shot and thrown, next scene should be John coming back from rehab after 6 month..

  56. Матвей Чо

    – Витэ, ты гдэ блать?!
    – Victors dead. У всьего ест свойа цена.

  57. Brusur Mombabske

    1:55 all that muscles… for nothing

    1. Shivam Patel

      Muscle is nothing in front of guns

  58. Ocker

    This scene looks cool but so much of the stuff is done so unnecessarily, it bothers me

  59. Matic

    3:26 “Remember, switching to your secondary is always faster than reloading”
    – Gaz

  60. Kory Lian

    Love how the soundtrack matched with the gunshots at 3:43 so perfect

  61. Gouranga

    Can anybody tell me the background music name in first 2:00

  62. Fosi94

    Theon Greyjoy really got fucked up after the torture. Damn.

  63. Derek Blackwell

    Closer thing we ever got to a hit man movie.

  64. AlucardWins AKAWolverine

    Love the smooth transition from
    John Wick killing people slick to soft upbeat music to feeling of deliciousness with the dubstep when Joseph is overwhelmed with fear and shock when he realized he has the most dangerous man after him.

  65. Rishi Prince

    When stealth is optional

  66. Noel Barnick

    2:41 – 2:47 , best scene in the world

  67. astroeditz2005

    POV: You made a joke on Twitter 😂

  68. Bullet Strongholder

    dude these musics …
    can listen to them like 1000 times

  69. gnarghh fps

    Basement scene alone is in my top 3 scenes…1 and 2 are from tombstone #1 is when doc and Ringo meet at the Pharoah table..god damn that is suuuch a good fkn scene

  70. Bleeding Edge

    Honestly, the most impressive part of this whole thing is how Iosef kept his towel on during the whole chase.

  71. Sennin

    0:28 it looks like he is holding a rapier sword

  72. CalculusVariations99

    50+ years old and kicking more ass than ever

  73. Juicy

    Can we just appreciate the fact that Keanu was shooting the Glock with a left handed grip and switched to right handed when he switched to his main weapon?

  74. mercy

    If John Wick has taught me one thing, its how to cope with losing your dog.

  75. gnarghh fps

    Music+bad assery = greatest action scene ever

  76. Max Evans

    Outside of The Raid, this is the greatest action scene committed to film

  77. Stealthy

    Yes Theon was always a coward

  78. pj hall

    1:41 At that moment he now knows he fucked up.

  79. Rhonda Hale

    Russian music is so kool. ❤️

  80. marshboii

    0:52 that stare with the songs chorus legit makes me coom

  81. Melih Korkmaz

    the next guy in fight.. lets wait till John kills him .. ill shoot later..

  82. Katie Bonser

    When John answers Iosefs call and says Everythings got a Price, damn thats scary.

  83. Chicken Draws Dogs

    What were watching: John Wick
    What Iosef was seeing: The Terminator

  84. Doggo Woofenbark

    Love how John respects his enemies enough to often look them in the eyes as they die. He does this more often if they are in a 1v1 scenario, especially if the other is also a trained killer.

  85. Hamilton Mcgregor

    2:02 to 2:07 i love how John pulls out a bigger gun lol

  86. Kik Rogers

    Someday we will see Keanu Reeves in Madara role play vs Hokage alliance movie.

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